Trump warns that 300 residents of the caravan are "very bad"


The president Donald Trump The Americans warned this Saturday that in the mid-term parliamentary elections on Tuesday, the democratic victory over socialism and the hordes of Central American criminals. About the caravan that goes United StatesThat's what he said 300 members are "very bad".

"Socialism will be imposed. Welcome to Venezuela", Launched the chairman on Saturday night in a campaign rally held Pensacola, Florida, to support the Republican nominees for the senate and the governor of the state, Rick Scott and Ron DeSantis.

Like all the campaign runways at the airport runway, the president boasted outstanding employment data and tax incentives adopted in December 2017 before making an apocalyptic description of his migration policy. opponents.

Democrats, he said, "want to delete borders" and give more rights to "the secret than the US citizens".

"The Immigration Program for Democrats for Drug Trafficking, Trafficking in Human Beings and Crime Cartels", said at Montana's meeting.

For several weeks, the chairman alarmedly presented the thousands of Central American immigrant caravans who are currently traveling to Mexico on the United States, and opposes the deployment of thousands of soldiers at the Mexican border as commander.

He also said he was informed by the Mexican authorities that 300 people in the caravan are "very bad".

"Wire fences can be very good if they are well placed," he added, referring to the wire that led teams in certain areas of Texas.
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<p>After the Millionaire's election, the first electoral mandate to be elected to the White House determines which party will be directed at both houses of the congress – or if they are divided – to the next presidential post until November 2020 for which the president has no intention of presenting himself</p>
<p>Republican candidates are actively seeking support from Donald Trump, the party's most popular personality, who explicitly assumes the popular referendums of the people of the medium-term elections.</p>
<p>Surprised by the 2016 presidential election, after the Republican victory over democratic victory, the US media is more cautious and avoids a strong projection of votes that give the Democrats a national edge in the House of Congress.</p>
<p>For the 435 seats to be extended for two years in the House of Representatives, the battle is actually concentrated in 60 districts, as the others are firmly anchored to one or the other side.</p>
<p>In the Senate, out of 100 seats, 35 are stakes over the six-year period. Coincidentally, in the calendar, the 35 states are traditionally conservative, making it difficult for democratic reunification.</p>
<p>Americans also vote for 36 country governors.</p>
<p>These elections seem to be an unprecedented mobilization for the appointment, which usually amounts to 40-45% of voters, compared to 60% of presidential elections.</p>
<p>More than 32 million voters have already mailed the correspondence by Michael McDonald, professor at Florida University.</p>
<p>According to the expert, this is 20% more than the number of votes expected in the 2014 mid-term elections.</p>
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