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Tuchel: "Neymar and Cavani are irreplaceable"

Throw the ball back in UEFA Champions LeagueThe first match of the eighth final of the European international competition will have two players at the highest level. Paris Saint Germain visit Manchester United from 17:00 Old Trafford, A French set that suffered significant losses Neymar and Edinson Cavani, try to take a big step in looking for your dream: get it Orejona for the first time

In the vestibule of the duel, Thomas Tuchel gave a press conference where, among other things, the meeting was analyzed. "I expect a very offensive team from Manchester United, we have to play at our best level, they are completely different from what they had in December, they play with great confidence, they win many goals and many of them win earlier. Playing now against them is one thing of the most difficult challenges you can imagine, "said the German for the first time.

He then referred to what his team would do on the court: "I am very sure what we will do tomorrow to be a difficult, tactical and physical match, and I hope we can get the best out of it to calmly return to Paris , we are ready to play and suffer, it's hard to play against these teams because they have much more experience than we do. "

Asked to change the Red coach, Thomas said: "Despite the difficulty of playing at Old Trafford, or I think it's time for a change, our tradition and DNA have always been offensive. In those two months United has improved, now it's one of the most terrifying teams in England, I do not know how the match would have been prepared if Portugal were there. "

Finally, Tuchel stressed the players who will not be available in the match. "Neymar and Cavani are irreplaceable, it looks like United does not have Paul Pogby or Marcus Rashford, you can not replace players of this quality, Neymar is one of the key players in Europe, we miss him very much, and now we draw the second key player, Not replacing Cavani and Neymar is not Mbapp's job, he can not do three things at once, Mbapp must play with confidence, try to be positive and know that this is an experience that is part of his progress, "I assure you.

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