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Urban transport: Among the new congregations, the Province guarantees the continuity of social tickets

The drivers of the 26th and 36th public transport lines, Ersa, started a new assembly around 11 on Wednesday, half of the wage declaration they keep, and that this Tuesday they left thousands of users without transport in the hours of noon

As reported, the information gathering will be extended for three hours. Meanwhile, it can not be ruled out that other lines can be added to the measure.

Claim and warning for a millionaire

On Wednesday, Vice President of Fetap, Gustavo Mira, said the Province owed 150 million pesos to urban transport companies and warned that the situation could lead to restrictions on social ticket schemes.

This was pointed out in the dialogue with Miter Cordoba, claiming that the debt consists of subsidies and contributions corresponding to the free education ticket (BEG), the Senior Admission Ticket (BAM) program and Boleto Obrero Social (BOS).

"Of these 150 million pesos, 70 million must come from the program and another 80 million provincial subsidies," he assesses.

He added: "If the province fails, probably BEG users will be notified that fertilizers will not work from Monday." In addition, he assured that the program "caused serious problems in the system".

In this way, Mira Graficó is a situation that cuts companies in the middle of the order of drivers who demand a 20% increase compared to June and payment of 16,000 pesos in three installments: eight thousand pesos to be collected on July 20; four thousand pesos on August 4; and four thousand pesos in September.

"To meet 20%, funds are needed. Companies that anchor have two options: either through subsidies or through the tariff. Subsidies are becoming more difficult; governments are refused, he said.

What does the Province say?

Through the statement, the province refused to delay payments to companies and ratified the continuity of social programs.

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Transport secretary Gabriel Bermúdez questioned Fetap's warning and brought peace to the beneficiaries.

"That our users have peace of mind that they will be able to use from Monday," said El Doce, when he was asked about a specific case of a free education ticket for the return of classes.

Regarding the Fetap theorem, he pointed out: "We have no obligations to any company, neither in terms of subsidies, nor the subject of social programs. I do not know what calculations they made.

Bermúdez explained that the province had promised an advance of 2 billion pesos for social tickets.

Finally, he opted for a rate hike in order to be able to meet the drivers' pay expectations, although he avoided speaking at the request of businessmen to take a ticket to 35 pesos. "We are not a donor," he said.

Unemployment and increase in orders

Union Tranviarios del Automotor (UTA) has started a strike for 48 hours from Thursday, if this agreement is not reached within the Joint Undertaking this Wednesday.

In the meantime, the Federation of Passenger Car Transport Companies (Fetap) is expected to present an official note to the Commune of Cordoba on this day with a request to update rates or subsidies for dealing with the demand for drivers' remuneration.

While the note does not refer to the number, employers calculate that the ticket must be at 35 pesos or that they should receive a state contribution of 366 million pesos.

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