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Without so much Pintita – 26/12/2018

No. It can not be destiny, a fucking fate, one who decides in this way, in the blink of an eye, at the age of 32 and after a fight with so many blows to break the career of Fernando Gago. No. It should not be a cry of pain, this lonely cry, the final image of a football player who knew how to shine in the biggest clubs in the world. It should not be so, but the truth is that there are many chances that this will happen. Do you say goodbye? For now, after so many injuries, various specialists have consulted Olé They ensure that they will not be able to achieve 100% again.

This time, Pintita realized that he had just felt the ball in his right foot, which again had to face a long and complicated regeneration to try again. "I'm burning the tendon!" He shouted from the central circle to Mella when the coach asked him to stay on the pitch so he would not leave the team with two men less (Barrios had already been expelled).

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Before the terrible classic in Santiago Bernabéu, Captain Boca had already dealt three other injuries, so complicated and serious. The first two, also in front of the River, in the Achilles tendon of the right foot. The last one, with the colors of the selection, the fracture of the anterior cruciate ligament and the internal lateral ligament of the right knee. In total, since 2015, Gago could only play in 57 official matches.

Apart from the decision that may be taken by Gago, who during the last two recoveries seriously analyzed the possibility of shoe suspension, it is almost impossible for his battered physicist to allow him to play in high competition, according to different doctors who work with professional teams, And less, according to these same sources, in a team like Boca, where numbers count and no one can afford a stopped game. "It will not be on Boc's request," said a specialist who is currently working at the Primera club.

Gago was wounded

River 2 – Boca 1. Finale. Back Copa Libertadores 2018. Fox Sports.

Even before the injury in the final, the environment of Gago warned that it is not intended for this type of games and was afraid of something like that. "It may break," they said Oléwithout imagining that it has become a reality.

"It happens that the normal flexibility of the tendons, currently two feet, is not and will not be the same as before, which may not allow you to train normally every day and cause, in turn, recurrent muscle injuries, such as tears and – another doctor added who would rather not publish his name.

Can Gago play again after three breaks of the Achilles tendon and one knee in the last three years? Spanish Asier del Horno, who played in Valencia, Chelsea and national team representation, also in 2007, 2009 and 2011. He suffered an injury. After the last operation, when he was 31 years old, he returned to play the last matches of the season and retired. Is this the way forward for 5?

For now, Ani Angelici and his colleagues did not know about Pintita, operated on 14.12. 3/1 must be presented at Casa Amarilla, probably start from recovery, and then you will see how it develops. Although I can no longer be Gago fuori classe.

Gago, after leaving the sanatorium after surgery.

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