Tuesday , January 26 2021

A “serious” storm is coming, bringing great hail

The Bureau of Meteorology warned this evening towards Sydney and the surrounding area, towards Sydney and its surroundings.

The storms are said to have been detected on the weather radar near Sutherland and Penrith at 6:35 PM. “These storms are going east,” he said.

“Hornsby, Parramatta and Richmond are expected to be affected by 7:05 pm and Sydney City, Sydney Olympic Park, Sydney Harbor Bridge, Mona Vale and Bondi Beach waters by 7:35 pm.

“Harmful winds and heavy hail are likely.”

He warned residents of affected areas to move the car under cover or away from trees, and to secure or put loose items around the house, yard, and balcony.

Forecasts say that eastern Australia is experiencing a “quite unusual” weather phenomenon, with interior temperatures soaring rapidly and the possibility of even more temperature records.

A number of towns and cities in West New South Wales are approaching the 50 ° C mark. Bourke may have breached 48 ° C on Tuesday, which would be just a tad from its highest temperature since modern site records began in 1910.

It arrives just days after Sydney reached its hottest nighttime temperature in November, along with an unprecedented two-day heat.

Sydney and Brisbane can be hot again, with the western suburbs of both cities rising towards and in some cases exceeding 40 ° C. But the cool change that has come galloping further south should make many other capitals cooler.

“While heat waves are normal at this time of year, what makes this heat burst unique is temperatures 18-20 ° C above average and many places break records,” said Dean Narramore, Presenter at the Bureau of Meteorology .

There are warnings that Tuesday could create ideal conditions for the development of asthma with lightning, with potential storms rolling across the NSW coast. The heat also increases inland fire warnings.

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“Today and in the coming week, the weather is quite remarkable and the heat lingers on and battles with the chilly shift in the Southeast which is causing the harsh weather conditions.” Sky News weather said the meteorologist Rob Sharpe.

Walgett in northern NSW looks at 47 ° C, as does Thargomindah in southwestern Queensland. In many areas inland, the hot conditions do not seem to be over with days of temperatures reaching 30 degrees.

“The winds today are fiery, leading to dangerous fires, especially in hot grasslands,” said Sharpe.

Fire weather warnings are now used from most of southern Queensland, inland NSW, and northern Victoria.

SydneyCBD will be relatively mild today, reaching a panicle of 29 ° C, but expect 41 ° C in Penrith, to the west of the city, with possible thunderstorms. It will be cooler in the days to come as that cold front passes, but it will heat up again on the weekend.

Mr. Sharpe also warned asthmatics who should pack their inhalers.

“There is a risk of developing asthma during a lightning storm for humans in Southeast NSW and ACT. Storms can break high pollen counts, leading to a significant risk for people with asthma. ‘

IN Brisbane, mercury is expected to reach 32 ° C today and 34 ° C tomorrow in CBD. The farther west, the warmer it gets from Ipswich at 36 ° C on Tuesday, rising to 40 ° C on Thursday, then bouncing around high 30 and lows 40 for much of the next week.

“Southeast Queensland is expected to change cold on Thursday as the temperature drops, but it remains hot elsewhere,” said Sharpe.

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Mr. Narramore of the BOM said the heat builds up in Central Australia and is then pulled towards the coast by cold fronts that have caused the temperatures to “soar” in wide lanes to the east.

Canberra it will be 35 ° C on Tuesday and drop to the mid-1920s for the rest of the week.

A mild 27 ° C is expected Melbourne and then drop to 19C on Wednesday. This will set the tone for the rest of the week. There will be similar conditions Hobart but in Tasmania there may also be showers or two.

Pert we will see a sunny week with temperatures generally in the mid 20s, but on Thursday it could go to 31 ° C with a warm weekend.

Adelaide it will have very manageable days around 21 ° C which will rise to 30 ° C on Friday and then fall again.

At the top end, the weather remains stormy. Darwin it will reach a high of 34 ° C and restless conditions in the afternoon.

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