Android's Google Podcast now lets you share episodes and shows


Google Podcasts officially launched an Android app in June and integration with Asus and Google Home. The app has added Chromecast support over the past few weeks and is now able to share programs and episodes.

Sharing was restricted for publishing, and was only made for podcast publishers to Google and creates a tool that creates a direct link by entering the URL. This is not a consumer-centered solution, but Google Podcasts have a built-in share.

At the top right corner of the podcast or the episode, the Android app and then the overflow icon will be displayed in a new Sharing button. Added to the past few weeks simply open the system sharing tab to copy the link directly to another app or direct sharing.

The generated URL works best on your mobile phone, and when you open Android, Google Podcasts are directly to the show or episode. If you open it in a browser beforehand, users can see a simple landing page that notes the episode title and cover.

This is also useful for desktop or iOS users because they can manually search and find the episode manually. Otherwise, you will see an "Open in Google Podcasts" button that opens or directs you to the Play Store.

While essential to sharing Google Podcasts was much needed, but hopefully you could also include services such as connecting a direct timestamp in the future. This Share button appears to have been in the last few weeks and has been enabled on verified devices until Google 8.3.3 has been installed.

Since launching Google, he has written plans for long format sound, such as using AI to translate episodes, translate, and create podcasts around the world. The company also talked about the fact that in the future, besides text, links, and videos, it raises the voice as a form of search results.

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