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Arsenal v Liverpool's conclusions pretty much
What a match. As a Liverpool fan, this was the biggest challenge we faced this season, we did not expect it at all. Naples killed us the game was truly horrible. Prior to the game, I told my dad that the unbeaten record of Arsenal meant nothing – they had lost Chelsea & Man City earlier – and that their team did not have world-class players, though Aubemayang and Ozil (no hate, I admit not to look pretty ). The biggest reason was that Arsenal, which I remember, is a great player to play – memories of the last few seasons of the shambol defense, our river takes our tears with our first three parts.

Wow was a (a) pleasant surprise. In particular, Xhaka, whom I regularly criticize because the DM can not defend (the occasional world is won), midfield and defense have been dealt with long-range and very good defense. If I looked at TAA to watch for this right-wing defense, fear trembled, and every time Arsenal attacked, I felt that I would have a good chance of ending. they simply have not been evaluated. Liverpool had a better chance, but taking into account the zero half-time was a good result at half-time. Despite being scoring, Mane had counted on the game, and holding possession of dominant domestic possession made the pressure that Klopp and Liverpool could never cope well, though slightly better this season.

Cue Milner's goal in the second half, which is why Arsenal is becoming more and more lenient. I knew we were for 30 minutes. Unai Emery apparently had a poor look at the stadium near all the cameras and we did not bomb. (Page Note: When Emery repeatedly psychologized his arms, fans realized why rivals hate Klopp's Surgery … I understand this is real, but it seems a bit.)

When it came to Lacazette's goal, and what purpose it was, I just wanted to hope. He sighed a huge relief with full-length beats, great games. The Arsenal team is hoping to lose some points from the other. The manager was special, with a clear plan of attack, and he was terribly effective against us.

Ui There are players. This man can not do bad. TAA is a hot security mess, but it will be timely. Fabinho showed us why Hendo is needed – pure sound and a more general option. Love me Wijnaldum, Milner and Robobo, these guys give you everything.
Jingwei, Singapore (please post this to me for a whole 15 minutes)

… 1) A hard, hard-earned point. I think The F365 is a bit too hard in Liverpool and it was a distant game in a form in the championship. While City-Spurs compares to a certain extent, City has not reached points in Wolves until the Spurs won just yesterday. As Klopp wants, Liverpool should not look at the results of the other championships, but focus on their own.

2) He said I'm worried about our Big Six matches. Klopp has attributed such equipment to the past, mainly because of the gegenroszó and the attacking intent. This season there was a lot more to Klopp. The third midfield is definitely and little different, and in such games there is a lot of lack of AOC. Its dynamism and connectivity proved to be useful, while protecting the defensive figure that we do not get with Shaq.

3) The VVD was huge and certainly the best in the championship. It was absolutely wonderful and the goal was to icing the cake.

4) While F365 correctly mentions Milner's move to support TAA, the main reason was to actually assist Fabinho, who refused to do so. With the transition to 4-2-3-1 in the second half, Klopp was able to support TAA while allowing Fabinho to play in his best position. Unfortunately, Brazil was not the best game and it certainly fell to the bench in the middle of the week.

5) The effect of shifting to 4-2-3-1 was that the Firmino moved deeper, making it even less effective. Although all our eyes are based on Salah and its form, our "engine" is struggling to repeat the form of the past year. Maybe fatigue, or maybe change of situation, but Bobby needs to play if we have any chance of going ahead this season.

6) Best in the Premier League and at the top of the table for at least 24 hours. But still, it does not feel like this team has even clicked. You feel that we are behind the city level, but remember that it lasted until last November to find the form.

Kloppo is a kind of long-term strategy that explains our compression and frequent rotation. Although the formation of the new 4-2-3-1 formation would be highly suitable for most offensive players, though Bobby. and offers a new dimension to the lower teams.

A real title challenge, the FA Cup run and the Champions League defeats would be a milestone for the team.
Sid, LFC

… I get the place where Matt Stead comes from his 16 conclusions, but he believes Man City's achievement needs a context. Man City beat Spurest, followed by an article towards an end to Tottenham. Talk about Arsenal is about resurgence. I can not keep the two results because the difference between teams is correct. I suspect that Man City will win the championship, but not because they turned to Spurs and were less terrible than the hosts during the day and started winning. Obviously, they win the championship with two points, maybe I'll fix it.

The game was brilliant and good to watch. Emery has played us twice, and both times he made a big impact on one of our full backs. Fortunately, TAA is not Moreno, but still it was not the best day. I sympathized in the first half because I doubt that full recovery in the championship will tackle the hands of Auba and Kolasinac.

Today Fabinho looked horrible. Emre Can made a bad impression without the shimmering shiny head. I understand why he has played so little this season. His problems are not systematic; he could not handle the press, and he did not seem to have much sense of where his team was. I think we should have replaced Shaqiri in exchange for it. Firmino could have been deeper and could have been in the middle of a solid four that kept the ball better.

The forbidden Mane goal was frustrating. I was generally annoyed that Michael Oliver was the fourth official. He is currently the best English judge to drop his page? Marriner seemed unable to blow the whistle with a lot of mistakes Arsenal players and I honestly do not remember when last time I felt the referee was so controversial about the minor mistakes that I should mention.

John Terry made a great deal of strike because when he turned everything wrong, he was relieved to try to stop the goal. He often worked. I really want someone to do it when Alisson got into a pickle.

Our front set is so sexy. Is there a better ribbon in the league this season?
Minty, LFC

… 1. Despite the fact that Liverpool overtaken Liverpool this week, it is absolutely correct (and I personally agree), the 16th Conclusion as the 16th Conclusion is completely conceivable without acknowledging it. was the city's previous victory in Arsenal, which marks the difference.

2. I am not sure that this result proves that there was a real difference between Emery Arsenal and Wenger Arsenal – just as the Wenger is between Emirates and Arsenal between Liverpool and Arsenal. I personally think that they are likely to have improved and improved, but this result has not been proven (through late balancing).

3. According to the book, the goalkeepers in both cases would have fired the attackers after their shooting as mentioned in the 5th statement, but in practice it is not Marriner's view that the doubts are in complete alignment with the modern league in the Premier League? We often see that the guards are basically in their heads hitting the players when they are missing / grabbed the ball. That said, honestly, our group agreed that both would have been given the penalty of the championship / Europe League.
Oliver Dziggel, Geneva Switzerland

… – That was great for football, above all. It is perhaps not the widest match we played in the past with the two teams, but the improvement in the defense of the two teams is obvious (despite the fact that we have heard of Arsenal defending this season, clearly improved).

"It really feels like an Arsenal fan is approaching the other five great teams, knowing that we have a game plan. He no longer feels that players have just been sent out to teach. The team looked as if they were apparently coaches for the attack, defense, and transitions between the phases. Experts may come to terms with Arsenal's fortune, but evidence of the eye does not lie. Yes, players are still making mistakes and the plans are not actually fully implemented. But the basis of the plan is always obvious.

"It was good to see that Arsenal started at the same time in the first half. Apart from a few moments of Liverpool, Arsenal was also on top. After a bit better, they might have been in the break.

"This was due to the appearance of convincing Allison. This is not the first time, but the decision-making doubts. It's fortunate not to let go of a simple cross in the middle of the right podium. Mkhitaryan also punished his shock when crossed and did not look for the ball.

– The commentaries team could not stop the VVD in the match, but for me the Standout defender was Holding. He really kept Firmino and Salah in his pocket, both did not get a single sniff at the finish of each game. In the team, the consistent run of the game is amazed at him and is leaps and bounds this season.

– Another player who keeps good start of the season, Iwobi. The Liverpool midfielder and the defenders were shot with a shot. He's just so positive with the ball. It's good to see him again showing his talent after last year's stagnation.

– As a fan of Arsenal, you can see how brave Emery is with the fans when they are chasing the game. If you were to take Kolasinac and put Xhaka on the left rear part against Salah, there was a need for some bullets. It's good to see that you do not accept your home drawings and go on it. If this team compete in the upcoming seasons for the titles, they will have to win the victory over these teams.

– Disadvantages of Arsenal include Mkhitaryan, who was disappointed again. Not necessarily a bad game, but he is such a frustrating player to look at. His understanding looks perfect for the rest of the team. From time to time this results in the ball being too cheap or the ball is too long and the chance is exceeded.

"As far as Liverpool is concerned, it was obvious that they were satisfied with this point, and that was the most deserved. There is a wonderful first three, but it was the first time I saw them close this season and the lack of creativity in the midfield is startling. The first three assure that they continue to pose a threat to the counter (as their goal has shown) but they do not really know how to create a chance for the team when the troops are sitting down. Their best odds were on both the counter and Arsenal defects.

"Fabinho was a lucky boy he did not see red. Another day, another ref and he would have seen red before the match was cynical for the worst in the end.

– A Liverpool player who liked the background of the game was TAA. I know he's a young kid, but he's really profound. Both Aubameyang and Iwobi squatted around him and steadily left the whole game. It was obvious that Emery had instructed the team to target him as a weakness, and all the chances Liverpool had accepted down to the right.

Finally, the MOTM was none other than Torreira. He completely scratched Liverpool's attacks and is eager to advance the ball early to launch an attack. Each Liverpool and Arsenal crossed the midfield. What a fantastic buy, and be sure of the season signing contestant.

All in all, a good point at home against Liverpool, especially since both teams had a chance to win the various points. It feels good not to be embarrassed at the big teams at the same time. Let's continue the evolution of Emery!
Falooda NY

Arsenal fans are happy with Emery
Not bad ey, Paul Merson !?

Arsenal seems not as vulnerable as people say. There is some uncertainty. Liverpool may not be lucky to not "get". However, Arsenal has created many opportunities and has characterized typical Arsenal vs Liverpool games in recent years, but has presented two improved defenses that have definitely improved (Liverpool is much better than I will bet), but in the majority of the game is a nasty boom for both fans In the case.

One of them is welcome every year, despite being on the losing side much more often than not because it is a bloody, brilliant demonstration of offensive and majestic football. Today, it did not disappoint, and I think some of the parts are a good result.
Mike AFC

… When Emery was appointed Arsenal Manager, I was rather humble and I wrote for a long time why the wrong choice was. In a few short weeks I won and accepted that I was completely wrong.

I know the guy completely. How could he not do it when he patrolled all balls on the sidelines and was willing to play all the players in the position he expected from them.

I know we have not won today and like any other Arsenal fan I know this season will not be a challenge for the title, but that's not what we're after. We may be in the top 4, but this is not what we were. They were just signs of repair, and with Emery you see almost every game.

Add the merit that he brings (no more from the players), the desire, the fight, the urge, the fact that we are no longer soft touch and a clear improvement for all players (even today Xhaka looks good !) then we do not like it.

In addition, what a match. Liverpool played, and in the end let me breathe to the left. Liverpool can hardly feel the forbidden goal, but in the balance of the game I think most people agree that the tie is a decent result.

Earlier, I wrote this week about staying in social media again making football fun and Unai Emery seems to bring the rest back to retirement.
Adonis Stevenson, AFC

… It's a great game and I did something I did not do tonight. In the past 20 minutes I spent all the balls, the edge of the seat, and the dry mouth.

I thought we deserved victory, but Liverpool also found the break as dangerous.

Props to Holding and Mustafi, who played well, and Liverpool defender (especially Van Dijk, who sometimes looks unlimited).

After a Saturday's afternoon and Wenger's rental rents for a long time, she finally feels like we're in the club.
Stu (CL football seems promising) AFC Wrexham (double console because Wrexham is TOTL)

Mission on the spot
How great advertising was for Premier League football in the Arsenal vs Liverpool game.

A small blip was the call for Sadio Mane's goal, which is obviously wrongly banned. If the referee and the referee have made a bad call, Liverpool fans have all the right to frustration.

However, what a ridiculous rule. When the ball was initially played at the top, Mustafi stepped forward to play Mane. The ribbed Firmino defeated the missing trap and played the ball and in a second Mane suddenly rose up. What does Mustafi or any defender mean? In any case, he can not justify Liverpool before playing the ball and there is no way to re-establish when the ball goes off the bar and falls to Mane.

This is an absurd rule, the "second stage" of the game is an offside scenario. The Premier League may decide on the complications; If you are on the spot when playing the ball, you are on the spot for the rest of the movement. Simple.
Carl, London

… Just a quick, mistaken note, I do not think the question was confusing over the phases of the game; the leader leaves the flag at first instance. I think the problem is that when Firmino takes the shot, the line leader is 10 yards behind the game.

It's understandable, as it tries to keep up with high-level athletes. How confused would the VAR be in this situation? The flag up, the VAR refs checks and confirms the tab, the goal is allowed. It takes about 15 seconds to replay and finds the decision is wrong.

And if you stopped the clock when the ball was outside …
Dave, MUFC, Leeds


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