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The Nxivm trial: the alleged "sex lair" of iconic leader Keith Raniere & # 39;

The jurors in the Nxivma guru trial, Keith Raniere, received their first look at their alleged "sexual lair".

Films published by federal prosecutors in Brooklyn show the accused by the leaders of sex in the "Executive Library" in Halfmoon, New York, equipped with shelves with books, boards and computers – in addition to the bed suspended above the hot tub, according to court documents.

According to New York Post, Ranier allegedly had sex with at least two of his "slaves" in the library.

media_cameraKeith Raniere (right) is presented in the library, which allegedly was prosecutors his "sexual den." Photo: US Department of Justice

Prosecutors say they have found a hard disk containing child pornography and clear pictures of Nxivm members in the library.

Although the house belonged to President Nxivm Nancy Salzman, Raniere spent most of his time in a large room on the second floor, which also had a bathroom with a sauna.

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media_cameraThe house where Keith Raniere lived belonged to the cult member Nancy Salzman (on the left, with her daughter Lauren). Photo: Delivered

The jurors sitting in the 58-year-old sex-trade process showed a disturbing material in which Raniere jokes about bestiality and calls women a "pig".

He adds that "teasing a woman about her smell, saying that it is a fish hole, it is official, is a fish hole" is worse.

media_cameraKeith Raniere, the leader of the cult, was accused of sexual trafficking and having child pornography. Photo: Keith Raniere Conversations / YouTube

In the film, the guru appears in the company of two women with whom he lived at that time. The women were identified in court by a filmmaker and former member of Nxivm, Mark Vicente.

The woman in the recording is a long-time girlfriend of Raniere, Pam Cafritz, who died of cancer in 2016. Another woman in the film was identified in the court only as "Marian" and shares the child with the alleged worship leader.

media_cameraIn this court case, Keith Raniere, the center, sits between his lawyers Paul DerOhannesian, left and Mark Agnifilo. Photo: AP

Nxivm claimed to be a self-help group, but allegedly contained a secret society in which the woman was ashamed of having sex and was marked with the initials of Raniere on the pelvis.

Last month, Smallville star Allison Mack admitted to blackmailing two women to become sex slaves.

Raniere is accused of leading a secret society in Nxivm, called DOS, which starved and labeled women forced to have sex with him. He was also accused of sexual trafficking and possession of child pornography. He did not plead guilty.

media_cameraMembers of the Nxivm accusation with their many files. Photo: AFP

– from the New York Post

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