Saturday , January 16 2021

3,033 new infections, Chaos Day death records – coronavirus

New infections in Austria – government is looking at it ahead of tomorrow’s Council of Ministers. There were 3,033 positive results on Tuesday.

The current crown numbers for Austria on Tuesday were a long time coming. The dispute between the federal states and Rudolf Anschober’s Ministry of Health caused a tangible scandal in the run-up to publication. More about it HERE>

Lie well “Today” Current data: therefore, in the last 24 hours this was the case for the whole of Austria 3.033 New infections given with coronavirus. 141 people died as a result of the disease – a sad new record. As a result of the blockade, the trend continues to decline – as did on Sunday and Monday (2,748 positive results). A key factor in assessing the situation is also looking at last Monday, when 4 377 new infections were recorded in Austria.

Here are the detailed positive test results from nine federal states:

➤ Burgenland: 61
➤ Carinthia: 195
➤ Lower Austria: 366
➤ Oberösterreich: 593
➤ Salzburg: 266
➤ Steiermark: 401
➤ Tyrol: 383
➤ Vorarlberg: 103
➤ Vienna: 665

Increase to normal levels, discharge from intensive care units

According to the Ministry of the Interior, so far (December 1, 2020, 9:30 am), 285,489 people have contracted across the country so far. 3,325 people died as a result of the infection and 227,497 recovered. Currently, 3 791 people are treated in hospital for the corona virus (152 more than on Monday), and 691 of them (minus 10 during the day) are in intensive care units.

Are there still huge limitations?

As reported, the federal government will determine mitigation measures at the Council of Ministers on Wednesday after the end of the blockade on December 6. But there are already serious concerns that the restrictions will remain huge throughout December. “Today” has an overview HERE for you >>

Why the numbers on the dashboard may differ

The AGES Covid-19 Dashboard only downloads data from the Epidemiological Registry (EMS) and is updated once a day at 2:00 PM. EMS is an official registry that is established by district authorities and laboratories. At the Ministry of the Interior, however, data is collected through the daily videoconference of the State Center for Crisis Management and Disasters at the Operations and Coordination Center (EKC). These figures may include cases that have not yet been registered in the EMS.

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