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A group of girls defeated 13-year-olds in Vienna-Liesing

Vienna – Several girls beat the 13-year-old in Fridtjof-Nansen-Park in Vienna-Liesing last Friday and filmed the incident. The film then spread to social media. The victim who was afraid to complain was interrogated. The 14-year-old group leader was spied on when the police set off on Wednesday's investigation.

The group's attack on the 13-year-old probably preceded the leader's conflict with the victim. They both knew each other at least briefly, because the beaten ones could be called the name of 14-year-olds. The 14-year-old alleged perpetrator could take the 13-year-old from the house and take him to the park. A few other girls were waiting there – according to a victim of about ten.

Beaten on the head and pulled by hair

The group leader asked who the 13-year-old wants to fight. When the victim refused to choose a person, the group attacked her, beating her on the head and tearing her hair. Shortly thereafter, the 13-year-old was knocked down and kicked. A hospital examination showed she had bruises. In general, about five girls were actively involved in violence, according to a beaten girl survey.

The 14-year-old Romanian suspect claimed he was hit by an opponent before the attack. Besides, she did not kick a girl lying on the ground, but only a meadow next to her. According to police spokesman Harald Sörös, she and other well-known names suspected of serious bodily injury. Advertising can not come from a victim – which has so far been fear – because a serious offense is the operation of an official crime, and therefore any person who finds out about an incident, has the right to Sörös. (APA)

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