Amazon opens two more headquarters


For a year of searching for Amazon in the second seat, they were in full swing. Now the decision is inevitable. According to the American media, the surprise is approaching: instead of the new location there will be two – it is probably already known who will receive the contract.

According to a newspaper report, Amazon wants to open two more offices – instead of just one. The resulting jobs and office space would be divided between the two locations of the new plan, said the Wall Street Journal (Tuesday), citing a person from within. That would mean 25,000 instead of 50,000 jobs in one city. Therefore, you can make a decision and announce this week. Amazon did not want to comment.

Bizarre lovers

According to the report, the main cause of two other centers is the problem of finding suitably qualified technical personnel. In addition, there are fears that the planned expansion, which may involve a large influx of employees, may overwhelm a single place and its infrastructure. Amazon announced in September 2017, in addition to the existing headquarters in Seattle (Washington), to open a second headquarters in North America.

The world's largest online retailer, which recently employed a total of approximately 633,300 employees, received 238 applications. Among them were definitely creative campaigns – the head of the Amazon Jeff Bezos got a huge cactus from Tucson in Arizona, New York allowed to shine the Empire State Building in "Amazon Orange", and the suburbs of Atlanta Stonecrest proposed that he will be part of the city in "City of Amazon" change In January, the company presented 20 of the most promising candidates, including the metropolis of New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and Toronto.

The allowance is due, several problems

According to American media, the selection process is currently very advanced. The New York Times, citing detailed sources, said that Amazon was close to bidding for two locations. They are Crystal City in the north of Virginia, which is in a convenient location near points of the Washington, DC and Long Island City capitals in the New York district of Queens. The "Wall Street Diary" after Texas Dallas can still give hope.

Amazon promises lots of jobs and high investments. In return, the Group will receive huge tax rebates from the auctioned parties. While politicians like to be celebrated with great public hype as job seekers, experts see the practice skeptical. Often, investments and jobs are bought expensive by taxpayers' money, and promises are far from being fulfilled. The action alias, which includes representatives from 21 countries, has already appealed to the head of Amazon Bezos, so that the selection process is as transparent as possible.

There are also reservations about urban changes, which often involve the arrival of large corporations. For example, the inflow of highly paid technical workers may increase the rents and costs of maintaining the rest of the population. This phenomenon can be seen in the Bay Area of ‚Äč‚ÄčCalifornia, in the metropolis of San Francisco, near the IT fortress in the Silicon Valley, but also in the headquarters of Amazon in Seattle and in several other regions – not only in the US.


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