ASV Eaton Schrems is the champion of the 2nd Landesliga West


Schrems – With only one defeat and one draw, ASV Eaton Schrems secured the 2018 Fall of 34 points.
The reasons for this great success are not only in the field of sports, where the best defensive player has only six goals, but scored 30 goals. 16 of them went to Marinkovic's account. Players fit perfectly and apply the default. From the U23 to the players of the KM, the required athletic pressure can be exercised, so always give 100%. The U23 occupies 4th place at 27 points at the table.
ASV also has a team of officials and volunteers who create the necessary environment for such success.
The athletic goal is now only the promotion of the first national championship, although all club members know it will be a long and difficult journey in the spring.


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