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The ZDF donation show “A Heart for Children” did not leave anyone indifferent. In the end, even a record amount was achieved.

For the 20th time, a donation gala was held on German television. This year especially, the emotional stories have moved more than usual.

A fate that truly left no one indifferent was Television Doctor Johannes Wimmer. This year his first child, daughter Maximilia, was born. Wimmer spoke to moderator Johannes B. Kerner about the joy he felt. For example, when his Maximilia smiled or just sighed.

However, when his daughter was six months old, Wimmer realized something was wrong: “Suddenly she spat.” Then, in hospital, shock diagnosis: Maximilia has a brain tumor. With tears in his eyes, the TV doctor explains that the ground was torn from under his feet with one blow. He quickly realized the odds were going to be bad.

Tears on Zarella and Pooth

On November 21, little Maximilia finally fell asleep and never woke up. Wimmer explained, “To let go as a father is the hardest thing to do.”

But now I don’t want to be silent. Wimmer weakly emphasized that the cancer had taken his daughter from him, but he did not want to let him win. At the opinion of the celebrity in the audience break all dams. Tears are flowing from Verona Pooth, Dieter Hallervorden or Jana Ina Zarella.

The TV doctor would now like to encourage all those affected and called for donations to help children with cancer. The appeal seemed to be successful. Ultimately, as much as EUR 25,977.28 was collected.

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