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At least through the bestseller films "The Millennium" by Stieg Larsson, Salander became a cult figure. In the continuation of David Lagercrantz, who now also appears on the screen under the title "Conspiracy", a clever hacker and outsider of the society returns to the screen – this time Claire Foy.

The #MeToo era seems to be the perfect moment for Lisbeth Salander to come back, "a girl who hurts a man who hurts women". But in Conspiracy, the new Fede & # 39; action movie, and Alvarez, Lisbeth, the legendary heroine of Millennium Stieg Larsson's trilogy, has turned into a grumpy, feminine version of James Bond. From Friday at the cinema.

Conspiracy: Short content for the film

Lisbeth Salander – played by Noomi Rapace, and then Rooney Mara – was used in the books of writer Stieg Larsson in three Swedish films that were made of it, and in the successful Hollywood adaptation of David Fincher ("Blindness", 2011). Woman is aiming at bad people . A bisexual woman with a famous dragon tattoo has always been a collection of paradoxes that appear naturally in real life, but less often in a mainstream cinema: destroyed but strong; brilliant in so many things, but seemingly unaware of interpersonal relationships.

But even such a difficult character as Lisbeth Salander can not escape the Hollywood superhero, so their peculiarities in this continuation, based on the fourth Millennium book by David Lagercrantz, are buried under a more multiplex surface. She is still a nice girl, played by Claire Foy (known from the Netflix series "The Crown"), but the director of Fede & # 39; and Alvarez ("Do not Breathe"), who wrote the screenplay with Steven Knight and Jay Basem designed the movie more as an action -cix adventure.

Lisbeth wears eye makeup that looks like a superhero mask and races like Batgirl, bat-girl, on a motorcycle all night long. An early demonstration of her cold comes when she rescues a woman who is beaten up with blood by her husband. Lisbeth looks like an angel of revenge. He pulls out his husband's lasso and hangs it from the ceiling. Meanwhile, she empties her bank account for the wife and two prostitutes he beat. With a deafening gun they hurt him where he hurts the most.

Shortly thereafter, he receives a call from a former NSA employee (Stephen Merchant) who has developed a computer program that allows access to all nuclear weapons in the world. Now he is worried that the US is abusing such power and asks Lisbeth to remove it from the NSA database. No problem for Lisbeth, but also other unscrupulous people want this program: an NSA agent who allowed him to move his fingers (Lakeith Stanfield); its counterpart in the Swedish secret service (Synnove Macody Lund); and several arms dealers known as "spiders", a group involved in the sister's sister Lisbeth, Camilla (Sylvia Hoeks).

Conspiracy: criticism

In a sense, this Lisbeth does not feel like the person we know. It is now more massively compatible, and as a film produced by American industry and culture, during the debate about sexual violence, it seems that too much is happening with fiery explosions. The novel on which the film is based was written by Lagercrantz eleven years after the death of Stieg Larsson (Larsson's partner, Eva Gabrielsson, criticized the Lagercrantz book as "gravestroy") and this may have something to do with it.

Exciting European actresses such as Claes Bang ("The Square") and Vicky Krieps ("The Silk Thread") can do little in their roles. As a journalist Mikael Blomkvist, Swede Sverrir Gudnason ("Borg / McEnroe") is available, but his character has never been so boring. The same goes for the American actor Lakeith Stanfield, who was great in the fantasy comedy "Sorry to Bother You."

Despite the Hollywood make-up, there is still something exciting about this unruly girl. But forcing her into a super-hero costume is somehow wrong.

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