Diablo 3 – Blizzard ensures that several projects are under development


Blizzard ensures that many projects are under development

As part of BlizzCon Blizzard Entertainment, announcing a mobile role-playing game, "Diablo: Immortal" had to hear a lot of criticism. After recent rumors fans hoped for new content for PC or console players, but Blizzard wanted to expand the brand on iOS and Android.

In a recent interview with Polygon, Executive Producer and Blizzard co-founder Allen Adham and producer Dan Eggren spoke about the answer to "Diablo Immortal." They also stressed that there are currently several "Diablo" titles in development.

"We've said that several Diablo teams are working on multiple Diablo projects, and that's still true, even after Diablo 3 Nintendo Switch release and Diablo: Immortal announcement." "There are still Diablo teams working on a number of unannounced Diablo projects, Diablo is a leading brand for us, and it will always be the way we do." We love it, and we hope our fans understand what we are saying when we say that. "

"Diablo: Immortal" Blizzard wants to reach the classic gaming experience of "Diablo" for hundreds of millions of people playing mobile devices every day. According to Adham, the world will evolve geographically and demographically as Mobile is the most important platform for many young people. This is the case in many regions of the world. That is why Adham believes that many angry fans react differently to "Diablo: Immortal" when played for the first time.

"We certainly feel that the game believes and we definitely appreciate our fans," he says later. We feel passionate about the brand and our hearts to the same extent as we do. And we hope they see the passion in the game because they have the chance to play and see the game. What we see is that anyone who actually keeps and plays it is great in that. "

So you may want to see what Blizzard Entertainment is in the future for "Diablo" fans in the back quarters. Probably just have to prove your patience.


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