Friday , December 4 2020

Former candidate for GNTM Brenda Patea: “Every woman wants a carefree relationship during pregnancy”

Former candidate for “German next top model” Brenda Patea is expecting her first child from Alexander Zverev. Now we can look at her tummy.

Now the whole world can share in a mother’s happiness! Unexpectedly, Brenda Patea (27) announced in a “gala” interview that she was expecting a child from her ex-boyfriend, tennis player Alexander Zverev (23). Brenda and Alex, with whom he has been with since November 2019, have diverged differently since this summer. The former candidate for “Next Top Model in Germany” would like to fulfill her task as a mother without the help of her ex-partner. How confident Brenda is handling her pregnancy can now be seen on her Instagram account. There, she shares her first picture with her belly – and has a touching caption.

Brenda proudly and beautifully presents her belly. In the video above, we show an emotional post.

Brenda Patea fights so hard for her dreams

In 2017, Brenda took part in the Heidi Klum (47) model show. At that time, she said in an interview with ProSieben: “My goal is to show everyone what I can do. I want to be successful in the long term and am willing to work hard for it. ” By choosing not to share the care of an unborn child, Brenda can now show with certainty what a fighter she is. Just as Brenda Patea worked at GNTM to realize her dream of a modeling career, she will now defend her job as a mother – and she will be crowned by her child’s love.

Laureate of GNTM Barbara Meier (34) She also became a mother in July 2020. See the new snapshot with her daughter in the video below.

Sweet mother-daughter photo!  Marie-Therese tugs her hair

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