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GNTM "Zombie Boy" Rick Genest († 32): His death was a tragic accident


In 2018, Rick Genest was found dead in Montreal. He fell from his balcony. The Canadian police now say it was probably an accident. "Zombie Boy" was known for his eye-catching tattoos and appeared in the casting program "Next Top Model Germany".

The frightening face was not just a nightclub for Rick Genest († 32). What others wear only for Halloween has under the skin. Over the years, the Canadian has evolved into a living skeleton. Tattoos covered his whole body. He later made a breakthrough in film, music and fashion until his life suddenly ended in August 2018.

Suicide was mentioned quickly

August 1, 2018. He was found dead with severe head injuries. The model fell from the balcony by three floors. The investigation showed a very high blood alcohol content. It was quickly speculated that Genest would kill himself.

The Canadian had a "Guinness Record" for most human bone tattoos. After many years of performing in strange programs, he gained international fame thanks to information on the Internet. The world of fashion and film learned about him. In 2011, he appeared in the video Lady Gaga (33) "Born This Way". In the casting "Next Top Model Germany" he made the girls Heidi Klums (46) terrifying.

In the video below, the psychologist gives tips: So I'm support for mourners!

Psychologist's tips: So I'm support for mourners

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His family always said: it's all right!

Shortly after his death, his family and management criticized suicide gossip. Even if he had struggled with depression before, he was long before his death and seemed balanced. Photos from the camera shortly before his death showed him how he went to the balcony and put a cigarette in his mouth. According to his family, he sat on a handrail to smoke.

A police spokeswoman said in an official statement: "By your habit [auf dem Geländer zu sitzen, Anm. d. Red.] and judging by his alcohol frenzy, it is likely that Mr. Genest accidentally fell from the balcony. "

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