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Ingo Kantorek is dead (Cologne 50667): Car expert says "Cause is …"

Ingo Kantorek is dead. The star "Köln 50667" died with his wife Suzana in a serious accident on the A8. Now the car expert has issued a statement.

August 23, 2019 update:

It was a deadly drama that suddenly killed two young people. In the car accident, the star Ingo Kantorek († 44) and the star "Cologne 50667" and his wife Suzana († 48) were killed. The Bild newspaper was now with a car expert at the scene of the accident, the expert gave the newspaper one

Explanation of the disaster

In front of the sheet, Eckhard Fink said, "It could have been micro-acceleration. If you drive a lot at night and get tired, you are looking for a parking space. Sometimes parking is just too late. "

The accident occurred on the A8 near Stuttgart. The couple have just returned from a vacation in Italy. At the accident site, flowers, fans in mourning. Bild-Zeitung reporters are on site with an expert who is reconstructing the disaster. It happened on August 16 at 1:45: Suzana Kantorek, who was behind the wheel, apparently wanted to drive to one place of rest. In the passenger seat, her husband Ingo Kantorek, the popular star "Cologne 50667". But the car pulled to the left of the road, touched the concrete wall – and hit a parked truck at high speed, The needle of the speedometer of a completely destroyed Mercedes stopped at a speed of 110 km / h. Ingo Kantorek was immediately dead, his beloved wife died a little later.

Expert Eckhard Fink in his statement: "After caterpillars, it looks as if the vehicle has retreated to the parking lot." Apparently the vehicle with the left wheel rises up the concrete wall and arrived "in very unstable driving conditions." A few meters later, the car in which the star "Cologne 50667" sat Ingo Kantorek and his wife Suzana crashed into a truck. According to this expert, the driver of the vehicle could no longer control the vehicle. "The cause of the accident is clearly driving on a concrete sliding wall, i.e. the road is to the left. It's really just inattention or micro industry as the cause."

Ingo Kantorek is dead (Cologne 50667)! Cause of the accident explained? The police suspect something dark

August 22 update: After the accidental death of the star "Köln 50667" Ingo Kantorek and his wife, many viewers are now wondering why Sat.1 Janine Pink, who also played the role in "Köln 50667", does not comment on the death of her former colleague in the container is informed in "Celebrity Big brother. "

Now the production team of the actress "Köln 50667" finally announces that they definitely want to give the 32-year-old the chance to say goodbye to the funeral of Ingo Kantorek from a friend. "Of course, we remember that Janine should still be able to attend the funeral of two," it was posted on Instagram. However, there are two main questions: when is the actor's funeral? How is Janine's message of death in a container delivered?

Kantorek the TV actor and wife die in a highway accident

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Update from August 20: Sadness is still deep. After the fatal accident of Ingo Kantorek and his wife Suzana, many viewers from "Cologne 50667" still can't understand what happened. While production temporarily cut difficult scenes from the episode last Monday, the investigation leads to an accident. Why did Ingo Kantorek and his great love die on A8? Even if the exact cause is not yet clear, the police already have suspicions.

One thing is certain: Ingo Kantorek's wife Suzana was at the wheel of a car that the couple borrowed. The car rolled off the A8 when Suzana wanted to drive Mercedes into the parking lot – they both collided with a concrete wall and then parked a truck. It is believed that the cause of the fatal accident could have been micro-acceleration. That would explain why a woman from "Köln 50667" -Alex raced unbearably against the wall and the truck. The accident investigation is ongoing.

Ingo Kantorek is dead (Cologne 50667)! Now the police have suspicions about the cause of the accident

Original Message: Sindelfingen – In a serious car accident on the A8 motorway near Sindelfingen (Baden-Württemberg) the German service star "Cologne 50667" Ingo Kantorek (44) and his wife Suzana (48) were killed. Ingo Kantorek was best known for his role as Alex Kowalski in RTL-2. Fans and colleagues in the series are shocked. How the accident happened remains a mystery. Nevertheless, there are first assumptions.

Cologne 50667 star Ingo Kantorek is dead! The police have suspicions about the cause of the accident

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According to police, the accident occurred at 13.45 on Friday night (August 16). Actor "Köln 50667" Ingo Kantorek and his wife were on their way back from vacation in Italy at the time. According to police, the wife of Ingo Kantorek, the star of "Cologne 50667" sat behind the wheel. She wanted to drive into a parking lot near Sindelfingen when she pulled off the car for unclear reasons. Police and prosecutors said the car hit a concrete wall and collided with a parked tractor-trailer.

Cologne 50667 star Ingo Kantorek is dead! The wife was at the wheel of the car

Ingo Kantorek, sitting on the passenger seat, died at the scene of the accident. His wife was seriously injured but was injured. A 60-year-old truck driver who slept in the cabin at the time of the accident was slightly injured. According to Bild, the truck driver dialed the emergency number.

Actor Ingo Kantorek died in an accident.

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Why the wife of Ingo Kantorek with the star "Köln-50667" went off the road, it is not yet clear. Nevertheless, there are some assumptionsThe police also have suspicions: According to Bild, the police are currently investigating whether microsleep was the cause of the accident, The truck should not have: "So far there is no indication that the truck has been parked in violation of the regulations or an obstacle. Now it is necessary to clarify whether the person could fall asleep or exceed the speed threshold, "says the policeman.

Cologne 50667 star Ingo Kantorek is dead! The speedometer needle showed 110 kilometers per hour

RTL reported that the car speedometer needle was added by Ingo Kantorek star "Cologne 50667" after the accident 110 kilometers per hour remained on site and appealed to the fire brigade for information. So the car could go too fast. "We didn't notice any slip marks during night use. The DEKRA police and expert state "so Feuerwehrsprecher for RTL." It is not known, however, whether the displayed speed of 110 kilometers per hour is the actual speed of the car.

Kantorek the TV actor and wife die in a highway accident

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As the "picture" also informs, the "Köln-50667" star should also not travel by car. Ingo Kantorek and his wife had a test drive with him Mercedes-X class"The car was a demonstration car, almost a year old, it had about 40,000 kilometers on the clock," quoted the owner of the car dealership.

The car can be seen several times on the Ingo Kantorekt Instagram account. The expert should now explain how an accident on Highway 8 towards Karlsruhe could occur.

In his Instagram account, Ingo Kantorek showed a Mercedes X-Class with which he probably had an accident

© Instagram Screenshot

Cologne 50667 star Ingo Kantorek is dead! The serial star published on Instagram before its accident

A few hours before the accident Ingo Kantorek published a driving movie. There, in the car, you can see Ingo Kantorek and his wife. They talk about stopping where they ate. "Suzi and I just shopped in the rest area and left 30 euros. You can't be that crazy. But it does not matter. Go ahead, head home – says Ingo Kantorek.

A few days earlier, the star "Köln-50667" Ingo Kantorek posted on his Instagram account a declaration of love for his wife with a photo of both. "You deserve someone who loves you with every heartbeat. Someone who constantly thinks about you, who is with you every minute of your thoughts and thinks about what you do, where you are and whether you are doing well – he writes in his post.

Check out this post on Instagram

You deserve someone who loves you with every heartbeat. Someone who constantly thinks about you, who is with you every minute of your thoughts and thinks about what you do, where you are and whether you feel good. You need someone who will help you realize your dreams. Someone who protects you from your fears. You need someone to treat you with respect. And he loves everything about you, especially your mistakes. And just such a person is the second part of your soul, when that person enters your life, there are two souls destined for each other. Thanks for all this for 20 years for me @susanakantorek #Suzingo #truelove #forever #badboygentleman #loves #badbabygirl #armyofbbg #BBG #couplegoals #love #belief #hope #love #hope #peace #potd #qotd #milf

Entry shared by Ingo Kantorek (@ingo_kantorek) on

Under the post, the actor's fans express their condolences. "Deep condolences," my deep condolences, writes the user. He also says: "You'll both go missing. I send a lot of strength, love and deepest compassion to all relatives. "

Cologne 50667 star Ingo Kantorek is dead! The police have suspicions about the cause of the accident

Other actors and close friends of RTL2 stars are also mourning. A colleague from the Pia Tillmann series can't believe it. "There are simply no words … There are 1000 things that go through your head, and yet you can't think straight," he writes in an Instagram post. In 2013–2014 Pia Tillmann played the bride of Ingo Kantorek from the star "Köln-50667" in the RTL series "Köln-50667". "We are shocked and full of compassion, and we are not even able to properly understand what happened," said Felix Wesseler, producer of "Cologne-50667". The current episode of "Köln 50667" has been changed due to tragic death. Ingo Kantorek's wife Suzana leaves her son whom she brought to the relationship.

According to extratipp.com *, another death in Hesse causes commotion: a 22-year-old rider was brutally murdered. The police are frantically looking for the perpetrator.

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