iPhone with 5G in preparation


Apple may launch its first portable iPhone for fifth generation (5G) data transmission in 2020, based on Intel's communication systems. […]

The first iPhone 5G phones are likely to have the right modem chip from Intel. (c) Intel
Apple can launch its first iPhone with 5G data transmission technology in 2020. It reports at least one unnamed source to the Fast Company online platform.

Special 5G modem chips will be used that fly under the designation 8161. According to the report, Intel should also be the only provider of the communication processor.

Currently, the prototype iPhone & # 39; a 5G will still be tested with the predecessor 8060, it happens. The first 5G smartphones can already appear on the market next year. The first Android devices will usually be based on 5G chips from an Intel Qualcomm competitor.


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