Sunday , January 17 2021

Is Salesforce Buying Slack for Over $ 20 Billion?

IA big takeover is looming in the US tech industry: apparently wants to buy Slack’s office communications service. According to the Wall Street Journal report, both companies are in advanced talks and the deal could be finalized in a few days.

Roland Lindner

For Salesforce, this would be the most expensive acquisition in history. Slack was recently traded at $ 17 billion on the stock exchange, and the share price has risen by 30 percent at times after the report was released on Wednesday. The acquisition price could therefore be well over $ 20 billion.

Salesforce is one of the most important competitors of the German SAP group and specializes primarily in customer management software, which is used in the sale of companies. Americans are considered to be the pioneers of cloud computing, i.e. sharing software over the Internet, one of the major trends in the technology industry. Their most expensive acquisition so far was last year’s data analyst Tableau Software, which cost around $ 15 billion. But they were also interested in the much more visible goals of the takeover. In 2016, they tried to start the LinkedIn career network, which was then sold to software development company Microsoft. In the same year, they temporarily considered purchasing the Twitter short message service.

In recent years, Slack has been a rising star in the tech industry. The communication platform has become an alternative to e-mail for employees of many companies. In the midst of the crisis, Corona Slack did well as digital communication channels became more important. The company also performed well on the stock exchange this year, but not as fast as, for example, Zoom videoconference specialist. It also faces fierce competition, particularly from Microsoft’s comparable Teams offering. Slack filed a competition complaint against Microsoft in Europe this summer, accusing the company of abusing its market position to give teams an edge.

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