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For a year, the opera at the St. Margarethen was silent, in 2019. She celebrates her return with the Opera of all operas: Mozart's "The Magic Flute" directed by Carolina Pienkos and Cornelius Obonyi, transforming the opera quarry in Burgenland from July 10 into a terrifying landscape around the heavenly whirlwind of clouds. On Thursday, details were presented at a press conference.

Because the details are not so easy in front of a lush, natural background – all the more so in the opera, which "actually was meant for a very small theater", as set designer Raimund Bauer explained. The dilemma has been solved by means of a centrally located whirlpool of the cloud, in the center of which is played, in addition to other locations.

Director: Carolin Pienkos and Cornelius Obonya

"What is there?" it was the first question she presented as a director, Carolin Pienkos reported – and in the case of Zauer's flute, it was: a lot. "There are so many elements between fantastic characters and social utopias, you have to cut the trail." After the "bat" at La Scala in Milan, he is again the directing duo with his husband Cornelius Obonya. He has been conducting "great, good dialogue" for 17 years, he said about his decision "to move to the other side".

Max Simonischek as "Plappergeno"?

The actor was won not only for the director, but also for one of the main roles: Max Simonischek da Papageno, a character that includes not only all other characters together, "but also theater environments between opera, drama and magic combined," says Simonikschek. The fact that he is not a trained singer promises to be a challenge. "Maybe it will be more talkative."

With Attilio Glaser as Tamino, Ana Maria Labin as Pamina, Luke Stoker as Sarastro and Danae Kontora as Queen of the Night, conductor Karsten Januschke – he has already directed the "Liebestrank" quarry in 2016 – all the more on proven names, in smaller roles especially on the subject " the offspring that revolted in an interesting way. " The orchestra was also recruited, and after an intensive selection an orchestra was selected from the Philharmonic in Budapest. "Magic Flute" is "one of the greatest compositions", especially Januschke, because of the mixture of stylistic elements – from folk song Papageno to baroque counterpoint – "connected without judging". It also opens the true humanism of the work.

Harmony could now demonstrate her heroes after year-round disputes between Land and the Esterhazy Foundation Group in the spring. Culture Counselor and appointed Governor Hans Peter Doskozil (SPÖ) underlined that Burgenland will in the future "prove to be traditionally the best" in the field of culture. Not all details have already been negotiated, but he is in a good mood, "that we will be here again next year", and at the same time be able to present a common solution to the Haydn theme. The head of Esterhazy, Stefan Ottrubay, thanked Doskozil for his "perfect relationship", which does not make "gifts", but always strives for good solutions. Details of support agreements between the state and the foundation have not yet been announced.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's "The Magic Flute" celebrates its premiere at the St. Margarethen 10 July 2019, at 20.30.



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