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Munich. There is still no sign of rest in Bayern. Hasan Salihamidzic has decided to go too far. "Please do not ask such stupid questions," said Bayern's sports director outraged and shut off. The reporter is 1-1. (0-0) against Freiburg would have wanted to know if the coach's work was in danger even if the next match would lose against Dortmund. And she would have Müller's wife who …

This seems to be conceivable in Munich when Bayern was unsuccessful after a short stabilization of domestic results had already occurred during the fourth round. Due to the defeat of BVB, the slow Dortmund hunter FC Bayern is far behind, ie seven points. "But we are going to Dortmund and want to win," Salihamidzic said more whimsically than in the usual Munich Mia-san-mia pose: "We will not give up!" But the inconvenience of record-breaking champions is growing.

"Dortmund is far away – we have Athens, so we need to win and win," said Niko Kovac on Wednesday night in the Champions League. The Bayern coach returned to the maximum possible vacancy after the next kick. But in the interior, many mistakes have long been discovered.

Only 20 minutes of football, nothing more

Salihamidzic, as head of sport, Kovac's immediate supervisor, has named him on Saturday a rare experience. His analysis: "The first 20 minutes looked like football, joy, pressure, but failed and slower and slower."

Whether it's front or back, it's hooked everywhere. "Slow" was the style of the game, judged by Salihamidzic. Even the late lead, after Serge Gnabry (80 minutes) was strong, did not release after a single action. "The goal we've been thinking is now gaining," said the sports director. Was a mistake.

Freiburg's Lucas Höler had to be cross-checked in the last minute before crossing. A typical Munich destination. "We all feel dangerous to the opponent to reach half," Salihamidzić said from the trembling of the bench. "Somehow we can not do everything at the highest speed, with some kind of life and pleasure."

The fact that Bayern does not play in its own championship in the fall of 2018, which was in the Allianz Arena around the Freiburg game. "We win the Bundesliga – Super League without us," Bayern fans said. "Super good" is not the Bayern game, Thomas Müller known: "We have to torture a little."

There was this "brain wave" that sounded, did not you?

Müller's wife has contributed to Instagram with a later canceled job to feed the unfortunate actor around Kovac. Her late replacement for her was accompanied by a picture of Kovac and Thomas Müller standing on the edge of the track with the following text: "More than 70 minutes until he fell in love with the brain." Kovac said rather "nothing".

The situation is quite complicated. Joshua Kimmich recovered in midfield after Thiago's injury. The champion of the generation series appears in a series running in six series, which is currently latent, flagrant, unhappy and uninspired.

Müller was the only one who tried to shake things on Saturday: "We have another important week ahead of the international break, and that does not help us break the two matches against Athens and Dortmund with 100 percent A professionals show their colors." Urbayer Müller will not imagine the new power of German football: "We are back, because we are confident that we will not question FC Bayern's bases."

And Instagram's outburst of emotion? 50 minutes after the last whistle has been deleted. Müller says cool, "My wife loves me."


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