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New chairman of FP Hofer: "We will never be disappointed again"

A brass band waited outside the Graz exhibition hall, animal activists demonstrated several times when FP delegates arrived on Saturday at ten to elect Norbert Hofer as the new chairman. It was a party congress that was supposed to signal unity just before the election. Hofer spoke of a "break-up party" in his hourly, slow expression.

His goals are ambitious. "I'm not competing to be the chairman of an event satisfied with second or third place," Hofer said. The bar represented 2.2 million voters who would like to see him as a federal president. He announced the extension of the party: on topics such as environmental protection, animal welfare and welfare, as well as freedom in apron organizations from student unions to the workers' chamber to get a foothold. He warned that the FPÖ is successful in this country, but you also have to win in cities.

Bad Trap Ibiza

Like in Knittelfeld, the FPÖ is now responsible for the situation in which he finds himself. "We will never fail again," Hofer promised. This has not really been reflected. He called the film in Ibiza a "bad trap." His predecessor Heinz-Christian Strache, who did not come to Graz, was again honored by Hofer. "You did an amazing job at this party and I applaud you."

Time after time, the 48-year-old also built privately: he said his sister died of cancer at the age of 16, that he had just been appointed organizational director at his first meeting at the FP in Eisenstadt, and surprised the current testimony to be a vegetarian now.

Hofer said he wanted to lead the FPÖ back to coalition with ÖVP. As demanded, he called the extension of direct democracy, the abolition of ORF fees, more money for the army and a free hand in personnel professions. He will fight for Herbert Kickel to become Home Secretary again. "I'm ready to go fat and thin for you," Hofer concluded. Delegates thanked him for his calls and standing ovations.

In subsequent speeches he expressed the loyalty of Landesparteichefs. In front of the room, grapes gathered at delegates to smoke because Frankfurter was hungry.

When Kickl approached the desktop, the room was full again. He threw his witnesses – many under the belt – into the hall, sometimes receiving more applause than Hofer. "From Knittelfeld, we are resistant to all kinds of splitting mushrooms," he assured. Hofer was the right man in the right place at the right time. ÖVP and SPÖ have accused Austria of having the "triple letter A" – but this means "aggressive Afghan asylum seekers". Grapscher would have had enough of the Republic of Oberschwammerl because he does not need an asylum seeker, he said towards Peter Pilz. And Werner Kogler, though Grüner, likes to drink. Finally, Kickl reminded Hofer of the "excellent result".

Hofer should get them too. Of the 806 delegates, 98.25 percent voted for him. Strache received 98.7 percent in 2017. The head of Upper Austria FP, Manfed Haimbuchner, presented Hofer with the aircraft model, and thus the "starting stick for the FPÖ high-flyer".


At the congress, deputies were elected unanimously in one block. These are Herbert Kickl, Manfred Haimbuchner (Upper Austria), Marlene Svazek (Salzburg), Mario Kunasek (Styria), Gernot Darmann (Carinthia) and deputy Harald Stefan.

The lead application, which includes the FPÖ's explicit commitment to implement the VP-FP government program, was also approved. The party leader also receives the right to intervene, which allows him to exclude or suspend party members.



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