Sunday , January 24 2021

Silicon Info provides information about the architecture used

Many manufacturers have already launched their applications in a native version for Apple Silicon, while others emulate their programs under macOS 11 Big Sur Rosetta 2 in x86 and x64 on the Apple ARM64 platform. The Silicon Info system tool now offers information on the architecture used.

The little helper shows the architecture of the programs

The app checks the running programs and shows whether the apps have already been tuned to the M1 processor or are running through the macOS emulator environment.

The tool published on the GitHub development platform is open source and must run in the background to provide information about what programs are running.

A small overlay applet shows the application architecture, as the developers demonstrate with the example of the terminal (ARM64 / Apple Silicon) from macOS and Spotify streaming application (x86_64).

Spotify (x86_64)
Spotify (x86_64) (Image: Silicon Info)
Terminal (ARM64)
Terminal (ARM64) (Bild: Silicon Info)

About 350KB of the “big” Silicon Info v1.0.1 (.ZIP) should be installed after download as follows:

  • Download Silicon Info v1.0.1
  • Move the app to the Applications folder
  • Silicon Info starten

If the tool should not be run, in the “Security and data protection” section, activate the “Open in all cases” option.

Settings for a successful startup Silicon Info v1.0.1
Silicon Info Boot Success Settings v1.0.1 (Image: Silicon Info)

Developers can find more information on the GitHub development platform project page.

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