Sunday , October 25 2020

Singles day: the first official offers are here

Still a bit unknown Singles' Day in Germany, which always takes place November 11 (November 11) of the Year, comes from China. The date was chosen because the number 1 represents one person. While especially young Chinese originally went to parties that day to fall in love, Singles' Day became the largest online shopping day in the world – at least financially. Because Singles Day brings more sales than Black Friday and Cybernetic Monday together. By comparison, in Singles Day in 2018, there were about $ 31 billion, while Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday totaled $ 14 billion. No wonder that even in Germany, more and more dealers take up the tradition and offer numerous opportunities for Singles' Day.

Before we start the day of singles, but we really show you Media Markt, Saturn and Amazon offers. First, we present the editorial selection of interesting offers, and then you will find our CHIP Search Engine. Finally, there is a review of the dealer participating in Singles Day.

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