Sunday , September 26 2021

Six-time Jackpot again at "6 on 45"

After six times the jackpot in September, there is again a chance of winning on Sunday: No player on Wednesday wrote six correct numbers in the lottery "6 out of 45". That's about ten million euros.

None of the 8.4 million Austrian lottery tips for the Wednesday draw have found the right combination of numbers "12, 21, 23, 34, 38 and 44". About EUR 7.4 million remain in the pool. The Austrian lotteries now expect 11.3 million tips for the next draw on Sunday.

Current lottery numbers

12 21 23 34 38 44 / additional number 24

Lotto Plus numbers:
07 12 24 27 28 32

The current wildcard number:
3 7 0 5 0 8

All information without warranty

In the last two hours before closing on Wednesday, the real Austrian lottery data center still had a real transaction, and at least 220 transactions per second were recorded as peak values. Many players apparently tried before they guessed to be there and broke the five-time jackpot. There were five jokers around 65,000, but not six at LottoPlus.

The highest possible win single

This is the second jackpot this year and the third in the lottery history – the first was on Christmas Eve 2017. At that time it was 12.7 million euros. A solo win on Sunday can mean the biggest win in Lotto's 32-year history "6 out of 45". In 2015, the Viennese defeated the five-time jackpot and won over 9.6 million euros. The six-fold jackpots previously divided two people each.

The chance of winning a lottery ticket does not change with the amount of potential winning – it is about one in eight million. Also, the selection of the betting coupon does not affect the probability of entering the "six righteous". However, the top 20 lottery winners, ranging from 5.6 million to 9.6 million euros, were disproportionately achieved by Quicktip: 13 of the 20 best wins chose a computer.

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