Spotify now at the end of Apple Watch


Jonathan Kemper
updated 52 minutes ago

The Spotify streaming service is now also available on Apple Watch, which should make it easier to listen to music without using smartphones, especially during sports activities. But before you get too much euphoria: the app is probably very limited. Hardcore users should probably still rely on Apple Music.

Apple Watch is becoming more and more versatile and is one of our absolute smartwatch recommendations, as long as you feel comfortable in the world of Apple and you have an iPhone & # 39; For athletes, this is particularly interesting thanks to numerous sensors, but also provides entertainment on the go.

Remote wrist control

Playing music via AirPods while playing sports is a typical usage scenario. But if you have not been a fan of Apple Music so far and liked the streaming of music via Spotify, you can not do much with the Apple Watch. It changes with the new application.

However, the Spotify application for the watchOS system does not replace the smartphone as it is used in Apple Music. You can not download music, but only remotely control a paired device, such as a smartphone or other Spotify Connect device. However, offline mode is planned for the future.

Basic functions to run, later in offline mode

This is a useful feature in sports if you can safely store your smartphone in your bag while walking and skip the inappropriate song on your watch. A little more and we would like it. By the way, podcast listeners can also quickly forward and backward for 15 seconds, but that's it. If you are looking for a sport for new headphones, we have the right recommendation for you.

The version for Wear OS is also coming

Owners of Android smartphones and smartwatches with Google Wear OS should not leave completely empty. A similar version of Spotify has been announced, but there is no date yet.

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