Spotify tests its application for Apple Watch ⊂ · ⊃


Apple Watch offers all kinds of useful features, but Spotify's integration is not one of them. This can change quickly. As the streaming provider released the beta app for Apple smartwatch.

Spotify app iOS beta testers claim they already have access to Apple Watch, reports The Verge. It seems that in the not too distant future everyone will have access to it. But on request, Spotify did not want to disclose any information at the time of publication: "We are always testing new products … but we do not have any further news at this time," said spokeswoman for The Verge.

No download options?

It looks like there's already a promotional video for Spotify for Apple Watch. You can see this under the chirp. The clip shows the many features offered by the application. Unfortunately, offline playback of songs does not seem to matter. The Reddit user who claims to use Spotify on Apple Watch also means that offline support is currently missing.

However, streaming service may forward them later. This would allow Spotify Premium Account users to save playlists on Apple Watch and listen to them regardless of their iPhone or mobile network. If you try to try the application, you must sign in to the beta tester in Spotify. The most convenient way to play music on Apple Watch is still Apple Music.


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