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Switch version with release date to Amazon

with Michael Miskulin
FIFA 20 will be listed as a switch version on Amazon. Although it has a release date, September 28 is unlikely to be released because it is a Saturday where video games are not usually published.

At Amazon, the switching version of the FIFA 20 football simulation has been replaced with the release date. Yes, the surprise is really big, that this year also a football simulation will take place from Electronic Arts. So far, FIFA 20 has not been officially announced or presented, but it should soon change. In addition, the FIFA 20 switching version is now considered safe.

The date of issue of FIFA 20 is probably just a replacement symbol

Although the entry for FIFA 20 in the Amazon product catalog is dated, it appears to be a wildcard. The release date is September 28, 2019, so it's Saturday. But on Saturdays, there are more or less games.

Only September seems very likely because FIFA games are usually launched in September. This applies to recently published series titles. Thus, Electronic Arts FIFA 19 was published on September 28, 2019, suggesting that Amazon assumed that release date without further delay.

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Small surprise confirmation for FIFA 20 was ready in February. Chief Executive and Chief Financial Officer Blake Jorgendsen stated in the annual report published at the time: In the budget year 2020, we will continue to innovate in our sports titles. First of all, FIFA 20 contains some important new features. We plan that both FIFA and FIFA Ultimate teams will grow this year. "

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As part of its data for the previous financial quarter, the third quarter of 2019. Electronic Arts also presented projections for games that will be published from 1.4.2019. By the end of March 2020. In the game FIFA 20 will appear "new significant improvements", a new game Need for Speed, Titanfall Premium, the new Plants-versus-Zombies shooter and even more titles.

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