Sunday , June 13 2021

The hunters launched a police operation in Dornbirn – Dornbirn

The police could

The police can give "everything clear".
© ikona image / pixabay / Bilderbox

Shots and people with long weapons caused riots and the use of police on Saturday in Dornbirn. However, it can be given as "everything is clear".

Hunting in the forest north of the tennis court on the ferry in Dornbirn caused large-scale police intervention on Saturday morning. The caller informed the police that they had seen two men with long guns in the area. In addition, the caller said he heard shots. All available police patrols nearby were warned, and the area was surrounded by a cordon.

Two people with long weapons turned out shortly after, but in total 13 hunters with three dogs. They carried out a hunting hunt. Around 11.00 the police explained everything.

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