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Who danced to victory

Pascal Hens is the winner of the twelfth relay "Let & # 39; s Dance". In the finals he won the Friday evening against Ella Endlich and Benjamin Piwko. Here you will learn everything about the popular RTL program.

The twelfth season "Let & # 39; s Dance" will take place on March 15, 2019 thanks to the great introductory "Let & # 39; s Dance – Who is dancing with who?" Began and ended June 14 with the grand finale. Here we look back on all episodes of the season.

Episode 12 (June 14): In the grand final, the other three couples on Friday once again gave everything to finally catch the dance crown after exhausting and nervous training and weekly demonstrations. As always, there can only be one winner. and the winner in 2019 is Pascal Hens! A former professional handball player, he knew not only the jury, which convinced Jorge Gonzalez, Motsi Mabuse and Joachim Llambi in the finals, but also the spectators. Already at the first dance (tango to "Por Una Cabeza" by Carlos Gardel) there was a standing ovation and the maximum possible assessment of the jury. Completely so absolutely deserved victory! And for his dance partner Ekaterina Leonova, after 2017 with Gil Ofarim and 2018 with Ingolf Lück, by the way, it was the third victory in a row.

Meanwhile, singers are in second place Ella Finally and Valentin Lusin landed. The third were the actors Benjamin Piwko and Isabel Edvardsson.

Dances of the last concert in a nutshell:

  • actor Benjamin Piwko and Isabel Edvardsson
    Dance Jury: Cha Cha Cha, "Cake By The Ocean", DNCE.
    Favorite dance: Rumba, "Shallow", Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper.
    Freestyle: "Game of Thrones", Medley (film).
  • singer Ella Finally and Valentin Lusin
    Dance Jury: Quickstep, "The Lady Is A Tramp", Frank Sinatra.
    Favorite dance: Samba, "Such Taki", DJ Snake festival. Selena Gomez.
    Freestyle: "Kill Bill", Medley (movie).
  • Professional handball player "Pommes" Pascal Hens and Ekaterina Leonova
    Dance Jury: Tango, "Por Una Cabeza", Carlos Gardel.
    Favorite dance: salsa, "Valio La Pena", Marc Anthony.
    Freestyle: "Madagascar", Medley (film).
  • Opening of professional dancers: "Sweet Dreams / No Limit".
  • Special dance of professional dancers with "Special guest": "Taniec to mój in life – Dirty Dancing / Flashdance", Medley.

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Episode 11 (June 7): He ended up in jam in the semi-finals! In addition to two regular individual dances, the program also included "Impro Dance Extreme". In this way, dance couples who first learned live, what dance style should dance to what music. Preparation time, including change of clothes? Only three minutes! The best evening package again from the jury's point of view Ella Finally with Valentin Lusin z. They received 89 out of a possible 90 points. However, there were significantly fewer points Pascal Hens and dance partner Ekaterina LeonovaThe Co-favorites for the victory in the general classification knew that they were not convincing in the semi-final and reached only 72 points. Nazan Eckes and Christian Polanc got 78 points, Benjamin Piwko and Isabel Edvardsson 74 points. Ultimately, however, the viewers were known as "Zünglein an der Waage". Thanks to their phones Pascal and Ekaterina can dance in the last week. Instead, there are Nazan and Christian.

"Let & # 39; s Dance"

Why Ella finally has no chance – and who wins

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Episode 10 (May 31): In the quarterfinals of the popular RTL show, the five remaining stars again tried to impress with their skills, charm and passion. For the first time in the history of "Let & # 39; s Dance", the program also included Trio dances. Each pair danced in addition to a regular performance in hand, in addition to another professional, dance in the triangle. In total, once again Ella Congratulations to Valentin Lusin convinced on Friday. The dancing couple came up with a maximum of 60 points from the jury. The final ranking in the jury ranking was given to Evelyn Burdecki with Evgeny Vinokurov (39 points). And the queen of the jungle has actually left. Evelyn Burdecki is gone!

Episode 9 (24 May): In the ninth episode, regular dances started with the motto "Magic Moments", before two pairs had to compete with each other in direct duels. Benjamin Piwko and his dance partner Isabel Edvardsson scored particularly well from 60 out of a maximum of 60 possible points. Each of them received 30 points from the jury for solo dance, as well as for a performance in a dance duel with Pascal Henses and Ekaterina Leonova. With 57 points behind, they were Nazan Eckes from Christian Polanc and Ella Endlich with Valentin Lusin. On the other hand, Barbara Becker and Massimo Sinato and Evelyn Burdecki and Evgeny Vinokurov scored 46 points less. The concert eventually had to leave Barbara Becker and Massimo Sinato. They are outside!

RTL show

"Let & # 39; s Dance": who goes out, when and who won

15 photos

Episode 8 (17 May): The candidate field is cleaning up, the fight for the finals is getting narrower. In the eighth episode of Ella Finally with Valentin Lusin (37 points of the jury), Nazan Eckes with Christian Polanc (34 points from the jury) and Barbara Becker from Massimo Sinato (34 points of the jury) convinced, Evelyn Burdecki landed with Evgeny Vinokurov brought in the last place (19 points) jury). The jungle queen and the professional not only achieved the worst result in the first regular dance, but also retreated as the first pair during the Discofox marathon. However, Becker and Sinato were able to win it. In the ranking, the jury is the third dance pair that broke the 200-point score after eight episodes. Finally, Oliver Pocher and Christina Luft finally had to leave because of the public's votes. This is a comedian, but eventually ended the performance at the dance show with humor. Burecki with Vinokurov and Becker from Sinato also had to tremble to move forward. But you can prove yourself again next week. Then again, it's time "Let & # 39; s Dance!".

Episode 7 (May 10): Premiere in Let & # 39; s Dance! In the meantime, the twelfth season of the popular RTL showed the so-called "team dance of the jury" for the first time. Candidate candidates and their dance partners were divided into three teams and each of them was supported by a juror. In addition to the evaluation for regular dances, there was an additional score for team dances. Together, the dance pair can reach a maximum of 50 instead of the previous 30 Jury points. In fact, Ella is finally done with Valentin Lusin. The singer and professional dancer went before Pascal Henres and Ekaterina Leonova with a maximum score of 49 points. The deciding, but again were the voices of the audience. Finally, it was said: Sabrina Mockenhaupt and her dance partner Erich Klann are already out!

Decision "Let & # 39; s Dance"

This is the overall result after the final

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Episode 6 (May 3): You did it again! Singer Ella Endlich and former professional handball player Pascal Hens again received from the jury a maximum of 30 points. In the evening, "Lovesongs" became convinced by tango or contemporary, thanks to which they still stand out in the general ranking. Things were not so good for Benjamin Piwko and Sabrina Mockenhaupt. With just 12 points in the jury, everyone finished in the last places, and Oliver Pocher did not score much more points with 13 points. Eventually, however, the actress GZSZ Ulrike Frank had to leave – despite the good 23 points. She and her dance partner, Robert Beitsch, left because of too few audiences! But that's not all, the fans were worried about Benjamin Piwko, who hurt himself in the dance and was lost in the announcement of the decision.

Episode 5 (April 26): After the dance break on Good Friday, the fifth episode was continued with Tango, Charleston and Paso Doble. Of particular interest was the question of whether rather weak candidates such as Jungle Queen Evelyn Burdecki, singer Kerstin Ott and sportsman Sabrina Mockenhaupt could use this time for further improvement. And that was the case with Burdecki and Mockenhaupt. Jungle Queen has achieved the best results so far with 26 points, and the long-distance runner scored 19 points. However, with Kerstin Ott it seems clear that it will not be more. The judges once again scored only seven points, and Joachim Llambi made it clear that he had written the singer before. If you sign a "Let & # 39; s Dance" participation agreement, you really need to, Llambi says. However, in Ott it will not be felt, let alone seen. A statement that Ott apparently took with him and burst into tears. He does not dance for points or for the jury. He dances for his fans, wife and dance partner Regina Luca. It all counts. But did Ott have to leave the show?

Yes, she is outside! The audience's voices were no longer enough to be ranked last in the jury's ranking. Mockenhaupta still had tremors, but in the next episode on May 3, he again has a chance to prove himself. The same applies, of course, to eight other celebrity candidates who can still dream of the title "Dance Star 2019".

Here are his farewell words: Oliver Pocher thanks

These are his farewell words

Oliver Pocher reached his dream character thanks to "Let & # 39; s Dance"

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Good Friday, 19 April: Friday night without "Let & # 39; s Dance"? This is. On Good Friday, the popular RTL program falls out, in many states there is a ban on dancing. For ten candidates, this means that they can enjoy a long Easter weekend and have another week to prepare for the fifth regular episode. It will then be broadcast on April 26, as usual live from the clock 20.15 on RTL.

Episode 4 (April 12): Was it in the second episode in the 80s and then in the fourth show in the 90's. Eleven famous candidates danced to such hits as "Heart to Heart" Blümchen, "Torn" Natalie Imbruglia and "Losing My Religion" R.E.M. This time to the top ten. In the 1990s, a few couples were especially convinced, but first of all the designer Barbara Becker from Massimo Sinato. For the tango to the hit "Loosing My Religion" by R.E.M. The jury awarded him almost perfect 29 points. On the other hand, singer Kerstin Ott, the queen of the jungle Evelyn Burdecki and sportsman Sabrina Mockenhaupt had much less from the 7, 10 and 16 points of the jury. In the last battle, boys against girls won 8: 5 points. This result was appropriately assigned to the jury points. The decision was made as always in the RTL viewers' vote. Finally he flew out Thomas RathFor him, the "Let & # 39; s Dance" adventure has already ended.

Episode 3 (April 5): Ella Endlich was again in the third live performance, winning the most points from the jury. However, with 28 points in the case of professional salsa Valentin Lusin, he was one point less than in the previous week. Evelyn Burdecki danced to a new personal best. For Jungle Queen and her partner Evgeny Vinokurov, Motsi Mabuse, Jorge Gonzalez and Joachim Llambi scored a total of 15 points. However, in the jury's ranking it also meant the third last place, only Sabrina Mockenhaupt (13 points) and Kerstin Ott (10 points) were even worse. In the end Barbara Becker, Lukas Rieger and Burdecki had to shake. Finally, Lukas Rieger was caught with his dancing partner Katja Kalugina. The social media star has gone, not the next week.

Let & # 39; s Dance on RTL: Kerstin Ott flies out and cheers - the network is outraged

Let & # 39; s Dance on RTL

Kerstin Ott flies out and cheers – the network is outraged

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Episode 2 (March 29): After the start, continued for the remaining 13 candidates for celebrities from "80s Special" on. Especially singer Ella Endlich and her dance partner Valentin Lusin could convince. For today in "Running Up That Hill" Kate Bush was as many as 29 out of a maximum of 30 possible points from the jury. For comparison: Kerstin Ott and professional dancer Regina Luca received only ten points, and yet they are still with them. Finally, Ulrike Frank, Özcan Cosar and Evelyn Burdecki had to shake off. Escape is Özcan Cosar!

By the way: thanks to millions of viewers, the program celebrates the victory on Friday!

Episode 1 (March 22): In the first regular episode it was Ella Finally with Valentin Lusin (25 points) and Pascal Henses with Ekaterina Leonova (24 points), which particularly convinced the jurors. Unlike Evelyn Burdecki, he scored less than Evgeny Vinokurov and Sabrina Mockenhaupt with Erich Klann (ten points each). Sabrina Mockenhaupt, Oliver Pocher and Jan Hartmann were added to the audience, who had to shake. In the end, Jan Hartmann flew out.

RTL show

"Let & # 39; s Dance": These candidates are dancing for the title

16 photos

Point mode: how were the candidates selected?

Initially, the jury awarded the grade up to ten points after each occurrence. The maximum number of points for a dance match was therefore 30 points. The jury's judgments were then transformed into a ranking, thanks to which a couple of few points scored only one point, and the pair with the most points scored 14 points. The number was dependent on the pair of candidates who are still in the race. For example, if there are only ten pairs left, a maximum of ten points can be awarded. According to this rule, the audience voices were then converted. Again, the pair with the least number of connections received only one point, and the pair with the most connections won the maximum possible number of points. The jury and the viewers' ratings were then added, and the couple with the smallest number of points had to leave Let & # 39; s Dance.

Which candidates were present in the twelfth relay "Let & # 39; s Dance"?

In the "Let & # 39; s Dance" season, 14 candidates took part. Stars in a nutshell:

  • Barbara Becker, former wife of tennis legend Boris Becker
  • Nazan Eckes, presenter and model
  • Ella Endlich, pop singer and Schlager
  • Ulrike Frank, Actress ("Good times, bad times")
  • Lukas Rieger, pop singer
  • Thomas Rath, designer
  • Kerstin Ott, singer
  • Jan Hartmann, actor ("Gute Zeiten, schlitten Zeiten")
  • Sabrina Mockenhaupt, long-distance runner
  • Benjamin Piwko, (deaf) actor ("Tatort: ​​Totenstille")
  • Oliver Pocher (Comic)
  • Pascal Hens (former handball professional)
  • Özcan Cosar (Comic)
  • Evelyn Burdecki (winner of Jungle Camp 2019)

RTL show

"Let & # 39; s Dance": These are professional dancers of the new season

15 photos

Which professional dancers were there in 2019?

In 2019, we could expect renowned dancers such as Erich Klann, Kathrin Menzinger, Massimo Sinato and Christian Polanc. They all belonged to 14 professionals who wanted to dance with a candidate for a celebrity in the twelfth season for the title "Dancing Star 2019". Isabel Edvardsson, who was born in 2017, then stopped, she also celebrated her return. Oana Nechiti is not included. She changed the RTL format and belonged to the "Deutschland sucht den Superstar" jury. Professional dancers at a glance:

  • Marta Arndt (29 years old, Karlsruhe)
  • Robert Beitsch (27 years old, from Berlin)
  • Katja Kalugina (25 years old, from Berlin)
  • Erich Klann (31, from Borchen in NRW)
  • Ekaterina Leonova (31 years old from Cologne)
  • Regina Luca (30 years old, from Karlsruhe)
  • Renata Lusin (31 years old, from Dusseldorf)
  • Valentin Lusin (31, from Dusseldorf)
  • Kathrin Menzinger (30 years old, from Vienna)
  • Christian Polanc (40, from Ingolstadt)
  • Massimo Sinató (38, from Mannheim)
  • Evgeny Vinokurov (28 years old, from Frankfurt)
  • Isabel Edvardsson (36 years old, from Hamburg)
  • Christina Luft (28, Frankfurt)

Dance show on RTL

"Let & # 39; s Dance": These are pairs of candidates

15 photos

Who danced with "Let & # 39; s Dance"?

In the opening sequence, it was decided which celebrity would dance with what professional in the coming weeks. The following pairs of candidates were gradually announced:

  • Long-distance runner Sabrina Mockenhaupt dances with Erich Klann
  • Actress Ulrike Frank is dancing with Robert Beitsch
  • The singer Ella finally dances with Valentin Lusin
  • Boris Becker, the former wife of Barbara Becker, is dancing with Massimo Sinato
  • Presenter Nazan Eckes is dancing with Christian Polanc
  • TV star Evelyn Burdecki is dancing with Evgeny Vinokurov
  • Kerstin Ott singer dances with Regina Luca
  • Comedian Oliver Pocher dances with Christina Luft
  • Actor Benjamin Piwko is dancing with Isabel Edvardsson
  • A former handball pro Pascal Hens is dancing with Ekaterina Leonova
  • Singer Lukas Rieger dances with Katja Kalugina
  • Actor Jan Hartmann dances with Renata Lusin
  • Komik Özcan Cosar dances with Marta Arndt
  • Designer Thomas Rath dances with Kathrin Menzinger

These candidate matches had to prove in twelve concerts on Fridays at 20:15 on RTL that they have what they need for "Dancing Star 2019".

naked photos

These German stars went to Playboy

71 photos

Who sat on the jury in 2019?

"Never change the winning team" – this guiding principle also applies to RTL. The station counted on its proven jury for Motsi Mabuse, Jorge Gonzalez and Joachim Llambi. They also condemned or condemned the dances of celebrity candidates this year. Especially Llambi, who recently spoke openly about the photographs of her beautiful daughter Katharina, is known for her often severe and ruthless criticism. It does not appeal to everyone, but is now part of the program.

"Let & # 39; s Dance" on TV: transmission dates at a glance

Let & # 39; s Dance was broadcast live every Friday at 20.15 in RTL. After the introductory performance on March 15, followed by twelve regular concerts. It was only on Good Friday (April 19) that there was a break. The final took place on June 14. Broadcast hours:

  • March 15, at 20.15: "Let's dance – Who is dancing with whom? Great pre-screening "
  • March 22, at 20.15: episode 1
  • March 29, at 20.15: episode 2
  • April 5, 20:15: episode 3
  • April 12, 20:15: episode 4
  • April 26, 20:15: episode 5
  • May 3, 20:15: episode 6
  • May 10, at 20.15: episode 7
  • May 17, at 20.15: Episode 8
  • May 24, 20:15: episode 9
  • May 31, at 20.15: episode 10
  • June 7, 20:15: episode 11
  • June 14, 20:15: episode 12 (final)

Adversities in "Let & # 39; s Dance": Evelyn Burdecki shows what he is wearing under himself

Adversity in "Let & # 39; s Dance"

Evelyn Burdecki shows what he wears underneath

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Who was the host of Let & # 39; s Dance 2019?

Also in 2019. RTL took part in the moderation duet Victoria Swarovski / Daniel Hartwich. And although Swarovski's use was heavily criticized in their premiere season 2018 in part. The reason for this was probably less of Swarovski himself, but the related separation of Sylvie Meis. Apparently the beautiful Dutchwoman lost her temper because her German was very bumpy and the style very wooden. RTL rejected the charges, but the fans were still on the side of Meis.

Was Let & # 39; s Dance also live online?

Yes, but only for a fee. RTL showed episodes on the TV NOW TV live TV portal. The service is available for 4.99 euros per month. Hardcore & # 39; these fans could watch, but also seasons 4 to 11 again in repetition.

Candidate "Let & # 39; s Dance"

Kerstin Ott – from a painter to a model for millions

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When does the Let & # 39; s Dance tour begin?

This is a real premiere! In 2019 Let & # 39; s Dance comes out for the first time. In 16 German cities, the values ​​of professional dancers can be assessed, and the well-known jury of Motsi Mabuse, Jorge Gonzalez and Joachim Llambi will prove themselves every evening. Similarly, the comedian Oliver Pocher will be part of the concert tour. The tickets are now available in all known ticket agencies and these are dates and stops of the route:

  • 08/11/2019 Riesa, SAXONY arena
  • 09/11/2019 Dortmund, Westfalenhalle
  • 10/11/2019 Mannheim, SAP ARENA
  • 13/11/2019 Kiel, Sparkassen-Arena-Kiel
  • 14/11/2019 Dusseldorf, ISS DOME Dusseldorf
  • 15/11/2019 Nuremberg, insurance ARENA NÜRNBERGER
  • 16/11/2019 Leipzig, Arena – Leipzig
  • 19/11/2019 Braunschweig, Volkswagen Halle
  • 20/11/2019 Berlin, Mercedes-Benz Arena
  • 21/11/2019 Oberhausen, King Pilsener ARENA
  • 22/11/2019 Bremen, ÖVB-Arena
  • 24/11/2019 Hamburg, Barclaycard Arena
  • 26/11/2019 Hannover, TUI Arena
  • 27/11/2019 Frankfurt am Main, Festhalle Frankfurt
  • 28/11/2019 Cologne, LANXESS arena
  • 29/11/2019 Munich, Olympiahalle Munich

Who are the previous winners?

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The winners of the eleven seasons are Wayne Carpendale (2006), Susan Sideropoulos (2007), Sophia Thomalla (2010), Maite Kelly (2011), Magdalena Brzeska (2012), Manuel Cortez (2013), Alexander Klaws (2014) Hans Sarpei (2015) ), Victoria Swarovski (2016), Gil Ofarim (2017) and Ingolf Lück (2018).

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