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You should know these Windows features

Some Windows 10 features are unknown even to long-time users. Either because they are turned off by default or because the potential of many features has not yet been opened up. Seven unknown but extremely useful functions at a glance:

Virtual Desktops: They are especially useful for anyone who works with many open applications, windows, or in different areas of activity. “For example, you can set up a work desk and a private desktop,” says Sebastian Klöß of the IT industry association Bitkom.

Setting up another desktop is child’s play: just click the “Active Applications” button in the lower left corner of the taskbar and then click “New Desktop” in the upper left corner. However, in the “Active Applications” section, all open program windows can also be seen in a thumbnail.

If you haven’t turned it off, you can even scroll down to see activities from the last few days. “Windows 10 remembers what we did in the past,” says Klöß. If you enter a date, you will find there, for example, a recently edited Word document.

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“Shake windows”: This exciting feature helps when multiple windows are open at once, says Klöß. If you “hold” a window on the top bar with the left mouse button and shake it, you will gradually minimize all other windows.

Extended Clipboard: It was introduced in Windows 10, version 1809. “This feature is not activated by default and therefore remains hidden from many users,” says Jörg Hähnle, Windows non-fiction writer and operator of the “” help portal . Before the update, you could only add one item to the clipboard, now there are as many as 25.

However, the clipboard must be activated once by the user in the Windows settings. There you will find the “Clipboard” setting in “System”. “The clipboard history can now be activated on the right in the section with the same name,” explains Hähnle.

Items can be added to the shelf as usual with the key combination “Ctrl + C” or by right-clicking and “Copy”. The history of the clipboard can be displayed using the key combination “Windows + V”. “The list includes all the items that have been saved so far,” explains Hähnle. This allows users to select and insert the desired item. “It’s even possible to permanently save the entries in the list so that they are available again after restarting the computer.”

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Night mode: “Windows 10’s night mode reduces the blue component of the light emitted by the screen and thus produces a warmer color tone,” explains Hähnle. This should ensure better sleep. The night mode can also be used during the day without any problems. It can be activated by right-clicking on the desktop and then selecting “Display Settings”. There you can find it in the “Color” section.

There you can not only set the start and end time of the night mode, but also adjust the filter strength. “The first time you use the night mode, you have to get used to it,” says Hähnle. But after a few minutes, the eye became accustomed to the image.

Dictation feature: If you want to write something in Windows 10, you don’t need to type. “With Windows 10, you can pronounce texts very easily and save yourself a lot of typing,” says Hähnle. Dictation can be used, for example, in programs such as Wordpad and can be started with the key combination “Windows + H”. If you say “Finish Dictation”, transcription is complete.

The prerequisite is of course a connected microphone, in laptops usually one is integrated. According to Hähnle, however, the texts must be rechecked. Windows does not always recognize all words correctly. Background noise deteriorates the result.

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Digital Postcards: Small notes can be conveniently created in Windows 10 using the “Short Notes” feature. “Notes” can be found in the start menu and can be created with a mouse click. They can then be placed anywhere on your desk, and their size and color can be adjusted.

“Instead of sticky notes on the edge of the monitor, the notes are then on the desktop,” explains Jörg Hähnle. However, virtual notes can be viewed differently than paper notes.

Enlarge pages: Windows 10 has in its repertoire practical applications not only for writing and taking notes, but also for reading. “The texts on many websites are very small and reading longer texts can be stressful for the eyes,” says Hähnle, describing the problem.

But by holding down the Ctrl key and turning the mouse wheel, web pages can be zoomed in and out. This trick basically works in all browsers. The set font size is then automatically saved for the next visit to the website. With the key combination “Ctrl + 0” the size is reset to the standard value.

Windows can be operated with additional virtual desktops

BERLIN – GERMANY: PHOTO: APA / APA (dpa) / Zacharie Scheurer

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All activities at a glance

BERLIN – GERMANY: PHOTO: APA / APA (dpa) / Zacharie Scheurer

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Notes are extremely useful

BERLIN – GERMANY: PHOTO: APA / APA (dpa) / Zacharie Scheurer

APA – Austria Presse Agentur

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