21:40 – Stolen bicycles in Liege: a suspect was arrested

[ad_1] Submissions Friday, 02 November 2018 at 21:40 In LIEGE (Belgium) The individual was captured on Friday afternoon in Liege while trying to steal a bicycle, said Friday night at parquet in Liege. He is suspected of taking part in recently-found flights, police have surprised the individual on a Paris-based Friday at the Guillemins of … Read more

N-VA offers Sander Loones to succeed Vandeput in defense

[ad_1] N-VA recommends MEP Sander Loones to succeed Steven Vandeput at La Défense. The minister left the government to become the burgomaster of Hasselt. N-VA recommends MEP Sander Loones as new defense and civil service minister instead of Steven Vandeput, who becomes Hasselt's mayor. That said on Friday in a statement. Full screen view Steven … Read more

China: Passengers crash the bus driver and cause a fatal accident

[ad_1] This is a fight that went wrong. On Sunday, October 28, in Chongqing, China, an accident on a bus caused at least 15 people to die. All this started after the debate between the bus driver and the passenger onboard, very angry. The video published by the Chongqing police on the community media, broadcast … Read more

The probation assistant will receive 15 years' imprisonment

[ad_1] plug A pedophile who delivered his child to another pedophile was also sentenced to 10 years' care The probation assistant for pedophile justice whose son was transferred to another pedophile, the Liège Criminal Court sentenced him to 15 years 'imprisonment and 10 years' imprisonment penalties! Another pedophile who abused the child was sentenced to … Read more

Brazil Israel's embassy goes to Jerusalem

[ad_1] Jair Bolsonaro, far-right president-elect, announced the decision on Thursday, just like Donald Trump, who has been widely criticized. Monde.fr with AFP | 01.11.2018 until 22:04 • updated the 02.11.2018 at 10 hours 21 hours Jair Bolsonaro, the far-right Brazilian president, is in the footsteps of Donald Trump. Confirmed on Thursday, 1stst November to move … Read more

Liberty House acquires ArcelorMittal's four premises in Liège.

[ad_1] plug The announcement was made today by videoconferencing. On Friday, the British company, Sanjeev Gupta, a member of the international group GFG Alliance, Liberty Steel, announced an agreement with ArcélorMitt for the purchase of Flemalle and Tilleur plants, employing some 700 people and employing nearly 300 people in Dudelange Luxembourg. The three factories are … Read more