Ellen attacks Sherlock Holmes and finds Mitsuko rotten · TV News

[ad_1] ABSTRACT: After Anderson (Juan Paiva) suffered a serious accident in Malhação – Viva a Diferença, Ellen (Heslaine Vieira) will attack Sherlock Holmes to investigate what caused his brother to hit a motorcycle. Nerd will then discover that Mitsuko (Lina Agifu) was the last person to meet the motoboy before losing control and crashing into … Read more

RELEASED! New credit payments starting at R $ 2K in the FGTS

[ad_1] BEHIND Federal Savings Bank released the advance payment in favor Service Guarantee Fund (FGTS), in the mode that entered into force in 2020, the birthday withdrawal. In October, this new option for employees could be presented as an online loan guarantee. Employees will have up to three years to pay resources to loan of … Read more

After the black scientist is fired, Google specialists sign a petition against the company | Technology

[ad_1] Google officials sign a petition on Wednesday against the dismissal of artificial intelligence scientist Timnit Gebru after she sent an internal email accusing Google of “silencing marginalized votes.” Until now, The petition was signed by more than 1,500 company employees and 2,200 people supporting academia, civil society and the technology industry. The researcher announced … Read more

After the postponements, the proof of the second phase of OAB will be applied this Sunday | Education

[ad_1] After four postponements due to the coronavirus pandemic, proof of the second phase make XXXI Brazilian Bar Association (OAB) unified order examination will be applied this Sunday (6th) all over Brazil. It is the first major national test passed in person during a pandemic. 49,084 candidates are expected for tests. The exam will be … Read more

blew into a neighbor’s house and went viral online

[ad_1] The Internet has a new icon: Deise Gouveia. I do not know? She wasn’t famous or anything as of today, but now has over 30,000 followers after she clumsily burst into a stranger’s home in the Rio de Janeiro community. It was like this: she was dancing when she decided to go home with … Read more