A new bomb in Spain! The newly arrived Cadiz shocked Barça

[ad_1] Cadiz shocked Barcelona at home with a sensational 2-1 win in the 12th round of La Liga. Success is near 50 days after the Andalusians 1-0 victory in the center of Madrid against Real. Tonight the rookies opened the scoring eighth minute through Alvaro Jimenez, but the “credit” went entirely to Catalan defender Oscar … Read more

Leading expert: Virus will be gone by next fall (video)

[ad_1] https://www.24chasa.bg/zdrave/article/9289563 www.24chasa.bg 05/12/2020 10:20; This is Deutsche speaking When will the pandemic finally end? When will we be able to move freely and live again? The famous German virologist Alexander Kekule gives a surprising answer that also includes predictions, Deutsche Welle reported. The restrictions caused by the coronavirus are a tough test for all … Read more

Hadjigenov, Minekov and Babikyan crashed into Lukovit – Criminal

[ad_1] The representatives of the “Trio of Poisons” died today in the accident in Łukowita. This was reported by the lawyer Nikolay Hadjigenov on his Facebook account. Hadjigenov, Arman Banikyan and prof. Velislav Minekov traveled by car of prof. Minekov. The “Trio of Poisons” threw old shoes and balls in front of the Council of … Read more

Botas on pole at the Sahir Grand Prix with a 0.026 lead over Russell

[ad_1] photo: Mercedes Valteri Botas will start the Sahir Grand Prix race from first place after winning qualifying with a time of 53.377. He was followed by George Russell (+0.026) and Max Verstappen (+0.056). Charles Löckler was fourth with a score of 0.236 behind Botas. The track temperature during qualifying was 27 degrees, air – … Read more

New flu drug stops COVID-19

[ad_1] See what the drug is Studies have shown that an experimental flu drug is able to completely stop coronavirus transmission within 24 hours, Europa Press said, quoted by Dariknews. It is called MK-4482 / EIDD-2801, better known as “molnupiravir”. The drug could be successfully involved in the fight against the virus and its spread, … Read more

Camellia showed her luxurious house with holiday decorations (PHOTOS) – ᐉ Interesting • news about lifestyle, diets, health and fashion

[ad_1] The folk singer Kamelia is one of the stars who do not like to let the media into their personal world. So far, the singer “Why I Believed” has not shown her refuge, but decided to show off her Christmas decorations, and thus revealed the luxury in which she lives. The Christmas Spirit has … Read more