How to prevent someone from joining us in a WhatsApp group

[ad_1] Everyone uses WhatsApp these days. In fact, it’s the easiest way to keep in touch with someone in a quick, but above all economical way. This application has made our lives much easier, but at the same time made us totally dependent on smartphones. We hear phone ringtones everywhere. It also depends on the … Read more

Doctor Vasile, the chief physician and piece of medical history in Bassa, has died

[ad_1] Francesca Artico December 5, 2020 PALMANOVA. A piece of Palmarine’s medical art history has flown away. Dr. Alfonso Vasile, a milestone in the nephrology of lower Friuli and the main protagonist of hospital life, died late Thursday afternoon at the “Santa Maria della Misericordia” hospital in Udine from complications following surgery. palmarino. He was … Read more

Juve, Suarez case: Perugia calls on the player. Paratici: “I’d do it again”

[ad_1] The prosecutor asks to interview Luis, but to no avail. Juventus manager: “De Micheli? Old friends”. Minister Spadafora: “A very ugly romance” The next pivotal moment in the Perugia investigation? Try interrogating Luis Suarez. The prosecutor of Perugia has already tried to interrogate the Uruguayan attacker under the radar in recent weeks, but to … Read more

Stefano D’Orazio, memory of friends and his wife Tiziana Giardoni

[ad_1] Stefan D’Orazio’s funeral, Pooh’s last farewell and the pain of his wife Tiziana Rai 1 decided to air a special tribute titled prime time Hi Stefan, my friend forever. The evening was a celebration Stefano D’Orazio, historic member Pooh recently passed away. The band’s concert in San Siro, “The Last Night Together”, was shown … Read more