Comparison of the new Xbox and Sony PlayStation 5

[ad_1] With the launch by Sony of the new PlayStation 5 and Microsoft gaming device for the Xbox Series X and Series S, a new era begins for video game enthusiasts. Many people have doubts about buying a new slot machine. Shared traitsNext-generation game consoles feature a fast SSD that significantly reduces game loading times, … Read more

Gloomy Corona scenario for the coming months …

[ad_1] According to the British newspaper The Independent, the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation announced that approximately 538,000 people will lose their lives in the United States by April 1 due to the Corona virus. The institute confirmed that in the absence of tightening of precautionary measures and the obligation to wear masks, it … Read more

Beethoven starts the Documentary Film Festival in Beirut

[ad_1] Thanks for reading the story of Beethoven, which started the Beirut Documentary Film Festival, and now we’re starting with the details Sharjah – Ayman Al-Fateh – Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony breaks the wall of death in Beirut, announcing the opening of the Documentary Film Festival, which is rising from the death state as a result … Read more

New LiDAR sensor feature in iPhone 12 camera

[ad_1] After the launch of the new iPhone 12 series, the comparison spread with other phones, as the iPhone 12 Pro was distinguished by a LiDAR sensor, which includes a number of superhuman possibilities. Reports have revealed that the LiDAR sensor in iPhone 12 Pro cameras, when used with the Canvas app, provides images with … Read more

Khamenei inherits a son … after his health deteriorates!

[ad_1] Newsweek revealed that Iran’s Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, “has handed over his powers to his son with mounting concerns about his deteriorating health, and the country faces increasing tensions with Israel and the United States.” Iranian sources said Iranian leader Ali Khamenei transferred all his powers to his son Mojtaba after his health … Read more

Aoun accusations of violating the constitution to activate the Diab government

[ad_1] The former Lebanese prime minister was surprised that President Michel Aoun was invited to the resigned Prime Minister Hassan Diab to “expand” the business to the country’s needs a little until another government was formed. He saw that this statement confirmed that Aoun was breaking the constitution by trying to circumvent International pressure calling … Read more

The director attacks two actors … and throws them out

[ad_1] Video clips documenting an argument and a verbal quarrel between several employees and director Mohamed Sami were distributed on social networks behind the scenes of the series “Descent of the Strangers”. A large number of the show’s employees got into an argument and exchanged words with the show’s director, Muhammad Sami, over their earnings. … Read more