Google faces fire of 1,400 employees for firing a black researcher; Internet users are appalled

[ad_1] More than 1,400 Google employees gathered on December 3 to protest against the dismissal of a black employee. Timnit Gebru, who was technical co-chair of Google’s Ethical AI team, previously admitted that she was asked to resign after calling for “silencing marginalized voices” at the company. “ I was fired by @JeffDean for my … Read more

A rescue helicopter lands in Wellington Park after a mechanical failure

[ad_1] Ross Giblin The Westpac Rescue helicopter had to land at Kelburn Park after an unknown mechanical problem. A rescue helicopter was forced to make a precautionary landing in a Wellington public park after an unknown mechanical problem. A spokesman said Life Flight Westpac’s helicopter encountered a “technical problem during flight” early Sunday afternoon. The … Read more

False Money Fury: Petition Demands Real Cash Payment As Outrage Grows Over Safety Warehouse Stunts

[ad_1] The bogus cash drop triggered a backlash with calls to boycott The Safety Warehouse and demands for real cash. One disgusted participant started a petition demanding real money from those holding the vouchers and planned a police complaint, saying that $ 5 bill-like coupons had been scattered in the crowd in Aotea Square, … Read more

NZ vs WI 2020-21, first test

[ad_1] At the end of a 15-day day in Hamilton, New Zealand, they are pretty sure they will take the lead 1-0 in a series of two tests. Tim Southee kicked off the slaughter by sending John Campbell on his way back 4 for 35 in the first West Indies innings as the visitors went … Read more

Everything the DMs and players need to know

[ad_1] Dungeons & Dragons’ Tarrasque is a monster most players fear, but its reputation as the most terrifying beast makes fans want to challenge him. There are very few monsters that they fear or what to expect in Dungeons & Dragons campaign as Tarrasque. Usually spared for the most elite groups of players, this monster … Read more