Matthew Perry med “Friends” -stunt – VG

[ad_1] TV FACE: Matthew Perry, here at the awards gala in New York a few years ago. Photo: Brent N. Clarke / TT NEWS AGENCY TV star Matthew Perry, 51, launches Friends-inspired clothing to raise money to fight the crown. Less than 30 minutes ago He says it himself in an Instagram post, where he … Read more

You think the Norwegian will get a thumbs up in court – E24

[ad_1] Experts believe that if Norwegian gets the green light after a trial in court on December 7, it has a good chance of survival. However, the bankruptcy attorney believes the current stock is worth zero. FIGHT AGAINST FALLS: Norwegian has applied to an Irish court for bankruptcy protection. Norwegian planes parked here during the … Read more

Best series, football | The NRK expert was shocked by what he read. Now he’s excited before the Toppserien decision is made:

[ad_1] Three teams compete for gold in Toppserien before all is decided on Sunday. In late October, Carl-Erik Torp, NRK’s ​​soccer expert, was encouraged to comment on women’s soccer. An Instagram observer made very insulting comments about women’s football, the day after Norway secured a spot in the European Championship after their away victory against … Read more

The creator of Silent Hill leaves Sony to start his own game studio

[ad_1] Silent Hill’s father, Keiichiro Toyama, went off on his own to start a new game studio called Bokeh Game Studio. Sam announced it this week via the video you can watch above. Fra venstre: Junya Okura, Keiichiro Toyama and Kazunobu Sato. Screenshot: Bokeh Game Studio Toyama is best known for creating the first Silent … Read more

– A little nervous – VG

[ad_1] Many were right to guess that Anne Rimmen (39) was in a costume. She is herself some relieved it’s over. Raven revealed at the end of the broadcast before she lost that she was in mamaperm. A few minutes later it became clear that she had received the fewest votes this evening. However, the … Read more

Unusual, wholesale | Seven years ago, Magnus Wanberg noticed something about his colleagues. Now his invention is appreciated all over the world.

[ad_1] Remarkable 2 was named one of the 100 best innovations of 2020. Today, the company is behind its exponential growth. The award is the American news magazine Time Magazine. Remarkable 2 is one of the products that have been recognized as the best productivity, with a total of 100 new innovations in all categories … Read more

– Without him, they have nothing – VG

[ad_1] PARTNERS: Bruno Fernandes has been very important to Manchester United this season. Photo: PETER POWELL / POOL Manchester United were almost played by West Ham before the break. Then Bruno Fernandes (26) entered. Football experts are compiled for their verdict on Portugal’s influence. Less than 30 minutes ago – Manchester United is a terribly … Read more

Cyberpunk 2077 has FPS control – it receives an update on release

[ad_1] Like many new games, Cyberpunk 2077 will offer performance and quality options on the new consoles. Cyberpunk 2077 scales down to 4K and runs at 60fps in performance mode on new consoles The entire gaming world is awaiting December 10, the release date of the biggest FPS game in many years with potentially groundbreaking … Read more

Corona infection in Hadsel has spread to Andøy – VG

[ad_1] AIRPORT EXPLOSION: An infection from Hadsel Municipality has spread to Andøya Airport in a neighboring municipality. Photo: Tore Meek / NTB The epidemic in Hadsel Municipality has spread to the neighboring municipality of Andøy. Among those infected is an employee at Andøya airport. At least 470 people are currently in quarantine in both municipalities. … Read more