In “Supervisor” about attacks on Jewish orphanages in Podhale. “At the beginning, people were shooting up close”

[ad_1] The reporter of “Supervisor” recalls the story of Lena Küchler, a graduate of the Jagiellonian University, who survived the Holocaust and decided to take care of children who, after being liberated from the camps, ended up in orphanages in Rabka and Zakopane. In total, nearly 200 children went to facilities in Podhale. Jewish orphanages … Read more

Hayabusa-2 has returned to Earth

[ad_1] One year – this is how long it took the Japanese space probe to return to Earth. But Hayabusa-2 has been in space for much longer. It was launched on December 3, 2014, after several months of testing by the Japanese Aero-space Exploration Agency. After six years of mission, she has just happily landed … Read more

In the footsteps of a great grandfather. After the final of the 11th edition of “The Voice of Poland” [RELACJA]

[ad_1] The final of the eleventh edition of the program “The Voice of Poland” is behind us Ania Gąsienica-Byrcyn, Adam Kalinowski, Krystian Ochman and Jędrzej Skiba, the charges of the coaches Edyta Górniak, Baron and Tomson, Michał Szpak and Urszula Dudziak competed for the victory. The winner was Krystian Ochman. Michał Szpak’s protégé was born … Read more