XPG is the universal LEVANTE 360 water cooler

[ad_1] XPG, manufacturer of systems, components and peripherals for gamers, professional esports and tech fans, announces the second iteration of its XPG LEVANTE 360 all-in-one water-cooled coolers. XPG LEVANTE 360 refrigerator – the latest cooling solution from Asetek in cooperation with XPG The XPG LEVANTE 360 is a three-fan universal water cooler based on Asetek’s … Read more

What will the first city on the moon look like?

[ad_1] Roscosmos and NASA are also planninglunar cities“. What will the first human settlement outside our planet look like? Lots of reasons to conquer the moon The last time humans landed on the moon 48 years ago. Then, on December 14, 1972, the American astronaut Eugene Sernan, while walking on the surface of the moon, … Read more

Capricorn falls in love at first sight, Sagittarius a new friend, and Pisces unexpected profit (VIDEO)

[ad_1] AUTHOR: Alo.rs/S.Ć. DATE AND TIME: 06/12/2020. 05:00 Daily horoscope for December 6, 2020 || Alo.rs https://youtu.be/LzBjPc9UHE8 Place: YouTube youtube.com ABOVE JOB: Your business plans concern the development of cooperation with foreign colleagues. You establish communication with them. You expect their positive response. LOVE: You are in love and you want to spend as much … Read more

Partizan loses in Bar, there is a fight for the playoffs (WIDEO)

[ad_1] December 5, 2020 Another dramatic ending. Another defeat of Partizan. This one could especially hurt them. From one of the direct competitors for a place in play-offs PHOTO: ABA League / BC Mornar Mornar – Partizan 77:76, after overtime (15:22, 18:17, 21:12, 16:19 7: 6) room: Topolitsa. Without viewers. Judges: Javor, Nedovic, Kardum. Sailor: … Read more

Belgrade’s strategic mistake – Kosovo’s independence wording before the International Court of Justice

[ad_1] Illustration, photo: Shutterstock WASHINGTON – Belgrade made a strategic mistake when, after Kosovo declared its own independence, it asked the International Court of Justice (ICJ) to rule on the legality of this unilateral decision, rather than asking the court to consider whether Kosovo’s secession from Serbia was legal. writes “National interest” (national interest). If … Read more

THERE WAS A GREAT SNACK, NORMAL PERSON! Nikola Djordjevic’s brother about Sanji Vucic and their RELATIONSHIP, and here’s what happened after the DISSOLUTION!

[ad_1] Photo: Ana Paunković, Printscreen The ex-boyfriend of the singer Sanja Vučić from the group “Hurricane”, Nikola Đorđević, recently entered the reality, where he quickly aroused the sympathy of his roommates. His brother Slavko Laketic now told about his ex-daughter-in-law, as well as about Nikola’s participation in the “Cooperative”. photo: Printscreen / Instagram – He’s … Read more

Tesla is not interested in them, but in “German”: the demand for e-vehicles is growing, this model was the most often bought

[ad_1] Foto: Volkswagen U Švedskoj je u novembru oboren rekord kada je reč o prodaji automobila “s priključkom”. U sektoru putničkih vozila, tržišni udeo električnih automobila je iznosio čak 38,7 odsto, što je značajno više u poređenju sa 14 odsto iz novembra 2019. S druge strane, prodaja tradicionalnih, benzinskih i dizel modela, pala je na … Read more