Stephanie Venier talks about her corona infection

[ad_1] Keystone 1/7 Stephanie Venier talks about her corona infection. Getty Images 2/7 The Austrian fell ill with the virus about a month ago. Getty Images 3/7 Still having problems. AFP 7/7 In St. Moritz Tyrolczyk wants to attack fully again. Four in one go! While Swiss skiing girls have yet to report a corona … Read more

Crown and smell – feel nothing, taste nothing

[ad_1] Loss of smell or taste is now considered an important symptom of Covid 19. New research shows what is happening in the nose. Werner Bartens Published: December 5, 2020 at Loss of flavor: Even the best cake can no longer satisfy Covid 19 patients. Photo: Claude Prigent (PhotoPQR) It’s quite annoying when the best … Read more

Coronation Policy: Alain Berset invites you to a secret crisis summit!

[ad_1] 1/8 Another warning finger: Interior Minister Alain Berset (48). 2/8 Berset invited to a secret crisis summit on Saturday. 3/8 He is particularly concerned about the still high number of infections. STEFAN BOHRER 7/8 Federal President Simonetta Sommaruga also attended the meeting. 8/8 The interested cantons must tighten their measures … Read more

Is Sabine Busse-Keller the right person for the new job?

[ad_1] The chief operating officer of a large bank will be the new president of the Swiss company UBS. The staff was surprised at first sight. What do bankers say about changing jobs? Sabine Keller-Busse is at the forefront of process digitization at UBS, but has little customer experience. PD When a new CEO takes … Read more

How to use the new Safari features on Mac

[ad_1] With the new macOS Big Sur, Safari 14. The latest version of Apple’s browser can do this. The biggest innovation is the revised start page that can also be customized. To do this, click on the slider symbol in the lower right corner. Here you can define which elements should be visible and change … Read more

What is the difference between bacteria and viruses?

[ad_1] Dear Uncle Max, can you tell me what’s the difference between bacteria and viruses? If you talk about flu bacteria and flu viruses again. (Alexander Kr├╝ger from Werdau asks for an explanation.) Infectious diseases can be caused by many different pathogens. These are parasites, fungi, as well as bacteria and viruses. The Federal Center … Read more