12 million toys for boys and girls from the Motherland are coming

[ad_1] People’s Energy Minister for Domestic Trade, Eneida Laya, took delivery of 12 million toys to a Puerto Cabello warehouse in Carabobo state on Thursday. He announced that the toys will be distributed through government authorities in cooperation with community councils and the local Sourcing and Production Committee (CLAP). “We are following the instructions of … Read more

Fernando Colunga REFUSES having children; This is the reason

[ad_1] He is one of the best-loved and remembered small screen actors and melodramas Fernando ColungWith whom can you now rejoice in the broadcast of the soap opera “Soy tu duea”, with which he shares subtitles Lucero Y Silvia Pinal. But seeing him married and having a family is a dream that many of his … Read more

Nintendo will cancel the Splatoon 2 NA open stream after teams use the names #FreeMelee in support of the Super Smash Bros. community. Melee

[ad_1] Nintendo canceled its live broadcast because of this Splatoon 2 The North American Open today, after more than 30 percent of the teams competing had names showing their support for Confused fight community. The company cited “unexpected implementation challenges” as the reason for canceling the broadcast. However, several players and tournament organizers directly pointed … Read more

Venezuela has exceeded 104,000 COVID-19 cases

[ad_1] 31 more cases were detected in Zulia. The vice president pointed out that three Venezuelans from the states of Mérida, Táchira and Zulia have died in the last 24 hours, bringing the total to 916 deaths from COVID-19. By: EFE 22:05 / 05.12.2020 Venezuelan authorities have diagnosed 300 new cases of Covid-19, with 104,177 … Read more

Daniella Álvarez: My right foot won’t work again (+ video)

[ad_1] “The examination showed a very slight injury from the knee down, and the tibia and peroneal nerve were completely damaged,” said the model. Colombian model Daniella Álvarez is still stronger than ever as she tries to overcome the obstacles that life has placed on her. Also influencerce had part of the left leg amputated … Read more

MicroStrategy is cool-headed and buys 2,500 BTC for $ 19,400

[ad_1] The American company MicroStrategy purchased Bitcoin (BTC) for three million dollars on Friday. This time, the invested amount was $ 50 million in cash, according to its founder and CEO Michael Saylor. The director revealed via his Twitter account that the operation concerned 2,574 bitcoins, which confirms the great interest of the corporation in … Read more

Gary Sánchez hit his first homer in Bat Flip at LIDOM

[ad_1] Dominican of the New York Yankees, Gary Sanchez he called first running home in Dominican League – winter football. Although for many people who lack baseball knowledge, Sánchez He breaks unwritten rules because of his 3-0 result, but his team lost by three runes on the scoreboard. Of course, these unwritten rules don’t apply … Read more

Japanese space probe returns home with asteroid dust – Miami Herald

[ad_1] The Japanese space probe returns home with asteroid dustMiami Herald The Japanese probe sends a capsule to Earth with the first samples of the Ryugu asteroid, which would help …RT in Spanish Japanese space probe is bringing in asteroid samplesPanorama.com.ve What does the Japanese Hayabusa2 probe bring from space?Colombian In search of the origins … Read more