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A non-Muslim player from New Zealand protested with a bow

A non-Muslim player from New Zealand protested with a bow

A non-Muslim player from New Zealand protested with a prostrate picture. Collected

The chronic attack on two mosques in New York is a worldwide storm of condemnation. Players from various political leaders from different countries. Non-Muslim people are not left behind in protest. Members of the sports community have also been condemned to condemn such incidents. In addition to compassion, players from various areas protested. Kiwi's mental responsibility is even greater

The tourist team (Bangladesh) survived only a few of the terrorist attacks in the country. In this situation, the players from New Zealand were not silent. Who sympathized and protested in this way. Costa Barbaros gave an example of heartache in a protest rally.

Melbourne Victory wins 2-1 at Brisbane Rauer in the Australian A & # 39; League on Saturday night. Barbaraos, 16, from New Zealand scored two goals for Melbourne. This non-Muslim player scored the first goal in the 24th minute. Then he bowed his knees in front of him and said, "Shajda" like a prayer.

Barbaros told Fox Sports about his protest following the match: "Honestly, it looks very destructive. A very exciting day. It is nothing for them (victims), but it is something special. Barbaraos responded to this round celebration in social media. Everyone, regardless of the religion similar to the party, praised his violent protests.

Like Barbarao, the inhabitants of his country stood next to terrible Muslims. People made arrangements for public funding. In addition, non-Muslim residents of the area provided security in the Muslim movement in food and halal roads. Barbaros explained "Sajada" in the field, he and he are with brothers brothers.

On Friday, 50 people were killed by unidentified bandits in two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand. At least 48 people were injured. Bangladesh National Cricket Team members prayed at the Al Nur Mosque during this terrorist attack. They returned to the mosque a few minutes ago after receiving information from a pedestrian.

As a result, the cricketers survived for a while, in this case three people were killed.

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