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After killing the housewife, Selim went to rejoice with his friends with his money

SelimAfter killing the housewife Fatema Akhter Babli, 28, in Jianagar, Dhaka, Keraniganj, MD. Selim (25). He was arrested by the police and is currently in custody for five days.

On September 28, Fatema Akhter Babli was killed in a house on the eastern side of the mosque in Jiangar. Police recovered Babel’s body with his hands and feet tied in a scarf. In this case, Babli’s father said. Babul accuses strangers of murder.

Babli’s father complained about Babli’s husband, Abdus Samad, going to Kholamora Gudaraghat on the afternoon of September 26 to sell hard-boiled eggs as usual. That night he came back around 1 am and saw Babel’s headless body with his hands and feet bound. Inform relatives immediately by phone. Then the police came and recovered Babel’s body.

BabliAfter this incident, Keraniganj model police arrested a young man named Selim from a neighboring house. Later, the police found out that Selim had an extra-marital affair with Babli. Evidence of various conversations with them was found on cell phones. Police found out that Selim was also visiting Babli’s home.

On the evening of September 26, Selim went to Babli’s house. Babli decided to move to Kamrangirchar from this area as his relationship with Selim had deteriorated. That’s why Selim killed Babli.

Police said that after the murder, Selim took between Rs 30,000 and 40,000 from Babel’s home and went to Manot Ghat with his friends Joy and Mamun. He left for Manot Ghat around 8pm to save himself from murder. However, he did give the status on Facebook saying he was leaving at 7:00 PM.

After a month of investigation, the Dhaka District PBI was given responsibility to investigate the case on November 19.

Meanwhile, Selim was kidnapped after going to Manot Ghat. The case was registered at the Dohar Police Station. PBI is also investigating the case.

During the investigation of the robbery, PBI obtained sensational information. Joy called the gang who grabbed Selim’s money.

As it was a sensational and clunky case, the PBI Dhaka District Superintendent of Police took the case on its own initiative and handed over responsibility for the investigation to SI Saleh Imran.

On the night of December 3, SI Saleh Imran raided the Jianagar and Kalindi areas outside Keraniganj Model Police Station and arrested three people named Joy, Alif and Delwar. Stolen cell phone recovered. The three arrested persons on December 4 have already given their confessions.

Other detaineesSI Saleh Imran said Joy knew Selim had money. So he orchestrated the kidnapping incident with a known tear ring. In this work, Joy named his ex-friend Alif. Alif, along with his other two friends, Ronnie and Sagar, waited in the Auto Rickshaw in Manot Ghat. Around 10 PM Selim, Mamun and Joy snatched Joy’s cell phone away, pointing a sharp knife at Joy’s gesture. Later Ronnie and Sagar also tore out Mamun’s cell phone.

During the interrogation, police found out that Selim met Mamun and Joy after killing Babel. However, he did not tell his friends about the murder. They said Selim looked very anxious during the meeting. Selim, Joy, and Mamun then traveled to Manot Ghat to buy fish.

Meanwhile, her husband Samad was unable to answer Babli by phone. Later he called Selim. Samad also asked Selim to find out why Babli was not answering the phone. Selim said he would look, but didn’t call back later.

Selim, who was detained by the police, initially confessed to the murder but has yet to plead guilty to it in court. One more day left of a five-day detention.

Incidentally, Selim took a young woman named Mina (18) from Jiangar in 2016. This young woman is still missing. Minar’s father filed a complaint against the Keraniganj police station on November 11 this year. However, the police could not save the girl.

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