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China promises financial support to Pakistan

China has promised Pakistan's financial support. New Prime Minister of the country, Imran Khan, highlighted Pakistan's "very difficult" financial situation on Friday due to another financial crisis by President Xi Jinping. When meeting with the Chinese president, Pakistani President Imran Khan said, "I have to go to China to learn. However, none of the parties mentioned China's financial support to Pakistan for journalists.

Since the beginning of the year, Pakistani foreign exchange funds fell by about 42 per cent. Currently, the fund is about $ 7.8 billion. Which can protect two months' imports. Last month, Saudi Arabia received six billion dollars to help get rid of the Pakistani problem. But Pakistani officials say this money is not enough. Pakistan can seek assistance from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) by preventing the crisis in the balance of payments. If this is the case, then Pakistan will look for the thirteenth, versatile credit for building the economy in 1980.

Imran Khan, President of China President Xi Jinping also said that only two months ago my party came to power. Unfortunately, we have inherited a very difficult economic situation. Shi told Imran at the time that he was very concerned about the relationship between the two countries. In any case, we are friends. Shi said I have always stressed the Sino-Pakistani ties. We are willing to work together to strengthen the current strategic partnership between China and Pakistan and build new ones. – Reuters.

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