Sunday , May 16 2021

Corruption at home “Bigg Boss”, show in the face of anger “Karni Sena” for promoting “Love Jihad”

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There is no end to the controversy surrounding “Bigg Boss 14”. The controversy started before the reality show began. Then, over time, there were monomalies, quarrels and various debates. This time the big boss was attacked by Corny Senara. Apparently this show promotes “Love Jihad”. Two contestants, Ejaz Khan and Pabitra Punia, were indicted.

Ejaz and Pabitra’s romance was practiced from the very beginning of this series. Ejaz admitted from the very beginning that he liked Pabitra. Pabitra also encouraged this romance enough with her sweet smile. Sometimes these two players are close to the big boss’s house whenever the opportunity arises. Ejaz kisses Pabitra from time to time to show his love. This is where the debate begins. Two TV stars expressed dissatisfaction with the kissing scene that angered Karni Sena.

A copy of Corny Senna’s Twitter letterhead called “Big Boss Yes” was recently released. It was alleged that the program was trying to increase the TRP by providing videos of kissing Ejaz and Pabitra. Program makers and channel authorities spread indecency in society by showing such scenes. It is alleged that this has a bad effect on society. Protests also began on social media. Karni Sena claims that this scene of kissing between Ejaz and Pabitra promotes “the jihad of love” in society. So they demanded that this reality show be shut down immediately. She learns that there is also the signature of Dilip Rajput, Shri Rajput Karni Sen’s vice president under the corporate headline. But so far there has been no official information from Bigg Boss’s production company or from channel authorities.

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