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Entertainment. New Horizon digital platform – The Daily Amader Shomoy

Many people whisper that the field of entertainment is gradually decreasing. The document is different. The digital platform has emerged as a new entertainment horizon. Now the TV channel goes beyond this medium. Over the past few years, dramas and movies have been broadcast digitally. Viewers also see entertainment articles on these media. Contains numerous internet series and movies.

There are several international and regional platforms for online video streaming in a competitive market. However, popular platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, HBO etc. are noteworthy. Netflix has already created many popular TV shows and movies. This high quality content has been very much appreciated by the recipients. There are several streaming sites in Bangladesh. These include Bioscope, Gifive, iFlix and Hiccups.

Hichai, a Calcutta-based video streaming platform, has opened offices in this country for recipients from Bangladesh. This application for Bengali speakers around the world. To create jobs for talented Bangladesh producers, the company started operating here.

The first online series "Dhaka Metro" released by Amitabh Reza was released some time ago. Which made the audience react. The first season of the second original Hichai series "Money Honey" has just ended. Bazimat performed the first season of the internet series directed by Tanim Noor and Krishnendu Chattopadhyay. Basically, this crime thriller, based on true facts, has gained immense popularity.

An online series for young talented creators has discovered a new horizon of possibilities. Each creator wants to tell their story independently. Thanks to these online series, they have the freedom to tell stories.

These low-potential video streaming platforms have become popular with audiences around the world as a way of entertainment outside the mainstream media. One of the reasons for this popularity is the on-demand service. Because there are many different types of content that can easily be accessed via mobile applications and video streaming sites.

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