Finally, the Thakurgaon-Dhaka Dual Gauge railway route will begin


Finally, the Thakurgaon-Dhaka Dual Gauge railroad will begin

Finally, six years later, the Thakurgaon-Dhaka Dual Gauge, the inter-city train movement, is set off. After waiting for Thakurgaon Panchagarh Basir's dream, the railway authority recorded the day of the direct road rail movement in Panchagarh-Dhaka.

Earlier, on 23 October, a letter from the Director of the Transport Transport Department to the General Director of the Western Region of the Railways said on October 23 that Gyula and Ekta express train trains between Dhaka and Dinajpur were similar coaches and the Red- Green. There will be Ekota express train on Wednesday is closed and the fastest Wednesday. Trains run through three racks. In the new timetable there will be no weekly switch off on these two trains.

Thakurgaon Train Station Master Aktarul Islam said that all the necessary activities of the direct train of the Dhaka-Panchagarh route are fast. It is expected that all the work will be done before the installation. On November 7, at 7:00, after the expedition of the Fast Fast Express Panchagarh, they arrive in Thakurgaon at 7:58 pm and reach Dakka at 20:00. In the evening, Ekta Express leaves Panchagarh in Thakurgaon at 9:40.

Local residents in Thakurgaon said that we are very pleased that train movement begins this month. Finally, the direct train was opened for demand for the dream of Thakurgaon and Panchagarh Dhaka.

Sumo Roy, a Dhaka Medical College professor, said: "When the train begins, students will learn a lot of benefits beyond this district, and the waste of unemployed students is prevented by the loss of street traffic congestion.

Businessman Sadek Ali said that he would have to travel to Dhaka for three to four times a month. But when he went to the bus to Dhaka, he was very worried about the fear of road accidents. Since there is no other way to go Dakaba, it is necessary to travel on the bus by leaving the lifeboat. So when the train goes, Thakurgaon starts with every business line.

Thakurgaon Chamber of Commerce and Industry Habibul Islamic President Bablu said: "I'm going to trains, Thakurgaon businessmen are very happy because business districts in the district can reach other parts of the country, including cheap and risky Dhaka.

In this regard, the chairman of Thakurgaon-1 (Sadar) and the Bangladesh Awami League, Ramesh Chandra Sen, stated that the needs of a common man would later be fulfilled. This government will be able to meet the expectations of the people of Thakurgaon again.

According to local sources, Tom Construction and Max Construction started operations in October 2010 to modernize the measuring tape and convert double measuring devices. In December 2016, works for 2014 completed construction expenditure and expanded twice. The cost of this work can be estimated at 982 crore

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