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Four lifetime awards: -836770 | A voice of time


Legendary Bangladeshi actor named Ateem Shamsuzzaman. His successful film walk from the sixties. Just as Khal gained popularity in character, terrifying dialogues and character are completely different. He did not play for many days because of old age. Bengal visitors miss him. Actor Prabir Mitra also doesn't play. He also suffers from chronic illness.

Sujata is there. He won the mind of the audience by playing in the silver film of the year. Since the sixties, fascination has been spreading in the Dhaka cinema. But he hasn't played for a long time.

The government has honored these three members of the Bengali film all their lives. Three stars will receive lifetime awards at the National Film Awards. The Ministry of Information has published Gazette announcing the names of the winners of 20 and 26 awards. From there, it was revealed that the names of new winners at the National Film Awards.

Atm Shamsuzzaman Sujatha is listed on the list of life honors. Prabir Mitra will receive lifetime awards for 20 years. Allamagir will also receive honor together with him.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina will give people the honor early next year. Meanwhile, in the National Film Awards announcement, for two years the best film of the year is "Dhaka Attack", and the best film of the year is "Son". Badrul Anam Saud, the creator of the movie "Gehin Balochur", was recognized as the best director. Mostafizur Rahman Manik, director of "Paradise" won the Best Producer of the Year award.

Shakib Khan was nominated for "Entity" as the 27th best hero, and Arifin Shubh for "Dhaka Attack". Ferdous received the title of best actor with "Son" in 28, and Simon Sadiq the best actor from "Paradise".

Nusrat Imroz Tisha was nominated for the award for best actress in the film "Halda" in 28, and Jaya Ahsan in the role of "Devi" in 27.

Earlier, the government appointed a competition board, which awarded National Film Awards 20 and 20. The Council created and evaluated films released in accordance with the relevant rules and recommended the names of the winners. Therefore, the National Film Award was awarded.

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